Well, not really. But I decided to give my hands a rest and not knit today. I think I need to; after I finished Inishmore I automatically picked up the ((ahem))doily((ahem)) that I'd been working on and after a few rounds on the 2mm needles, my wrists were getting rather alarming shooting pains. So rather than risk something major, I'm not knitting. And I'm sad. Not to mention biting my hangnails.*

So here's a bunch of links instead!

Rillly kewl steam toys (thanks, Sky!)
Things I Learned From My Patients - lots of posts, but worth it for the schadenfreude.
Wilf Lunn Autobiography - I don't even know how to describe this or why I liked it so much. A cheerful Angela's Ashes? And check out the guy's inventions. Great stuff.
From McSweeney's - OK, maybe this gets funnier as you read more Chomsky.

And that's all I have. I made the stupid mistake of drinking a lot of coffee in the late afternoon yesterday, so I got to sleep around 4:45 AM. I'm kinda slow right now.

* This is the main reason I knit so much, otherwise I look like I've got some kind of disoriented stigmata happening on my fingertips.


  1. Christopher said...

    There's a doily river that floys through the doily amazon, flowing through my mind.

    Seriously though, I hope your knitting fingers recover from the competition. Also, those steam toys are awesome!  

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