To forestall any questions about the weather and us, we're fine. It has been a lot of rain, and a lot of wind, though, and even hail and tornadoes. There was a thunderstorm a few days ago too. Very unusual for the Bay Area, but also sort of exciting.

(as an indication of how acclimatized I've become, though, I walked out of the office last night and forgot my jacket. That's overcoming a lot of Saskatchewan training, right there.)

STO Open Beta is going pretty well, I've managed to sneak fixes in for some of the little things that were bothering me, and most of the big things that broke were not directly my fault.* And right now I'm not allowed to change anything because we're building The Release Version and TPTB** want that to be as simple as possible. So I'm sort of at loose ends today. It's an odd feeling.

And I must resist the lure of online shopping. Specifically, I must not go to the Fluevog site.


I think I might have a bit of a problem. I've never considered myself a shoe person; for the majority of my life I think I pretty much owned a pair of Sorels, a pair of sneakers and a pair of black pumps.*** But in the past five years... eesh. I'm afraid to count. And there's something specifically about Fluevogs. Like these and these and these and these.**** And the boots. Oh, goodness, the boots. I've managed to talk myself out of any boots because really, where would I wear them? Don't answer that.

The other thing I love about Fluevog, by the way, is their confirmation e-mails. From their last one: "It should be noted that when your order came in earlier, a few of us sat around at break and talked about how awesome your taste and decision-making ability was." I know it's boilerplate, but it still makes me feel warm and fuzzy. People are funny.

* Not directly. Some stuff I did broke because some other stuff on which mine depended was updated/fixed, and I'd not done my stuff in as robust a way as I ought to have. But I think that's all sorted out now.

** The Powers That Be

*** OK, OK, I'm not counting shoes required for specific activities like playing squash, hiking, or getting married.

**** Um, yeah. I own them all. In my defense, I never paid more than half price for any of them, and look at the discount on that last pair! 85% off! I was helpless! Stupid Fluevog clearance section. Stupid, stupid Fluevog clearance section.

First day of Open Beta, and there are lots and lots of people trying the game out. It was pretty cool to watch the numbers climb this morning. Of course, there are some issues that really only happen when you get above a certain threshold of concurrent users, and they are all happening. Well, that's what Beta's for.

I've been working about 14 hours a day for the past five days straight and I'm rather tired. And I still didn't get all the little things fixed that I wanted to get fixed.*

Thank goodness for the sea-monkeys. Seriously. They're about 0.75 cm long now and scooting around in such a lively manner that I can't get a count. I think there are about nine of them. And an unexpected side benefit is that I can send my delicate flower of an office-mate into conniptions by pretending to stick a straw into the tank and take a sip.

ETA: This. What?? It's related!

* And a few big things. But we will not speak of those.

My second-favourite Christmas present: Sea-Monkeys!

I wanted them to have their birthday on Jan 1, but I didn't read the instructions and the water had to settle* for a day. So their birthday is Jan 2. They're pretty visible now, wiggling around, but I still can't see their little faces and hands and crowns. I can't wait!

It is oddly relaxing having an aquarium to stare at at work, even something as tiny as the Sea Monkeys.

* mixed with the Super-duper Wonderful Water Purification Powder!


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