Two posts in as many days?!!!??? Madness!

But I couldn't not share these items,* for the sake of the world. H.P. Lovecraft apparently wrote documentaries. Save yourselves!

Atlantic Herring Is Going Wild

Huge Blob of Arctic Goo - It's a shuggoth, people!

* There's nothing I don't like about double negatives!

Not much of real interest, but I'm making a conscientious effort to update more often. I guess it's Twitter envy or something.

Since we have a Regency wedding to look forwards to, I've been immersing myself a bit; re-reading Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights*, and Persuasion, and looking around for inspiration for my dress. R:tAG, as always, amiably agreed to dress up too** so I've got a fair bit of sewing to do.*** I need to figure out the dress that I will be most likely to use again; unfortunately the archtypical "nice" dress of the time was white, and I don't want to look like I'm competing with the bride, of course.

Speaking of costumes (nice segue, eh?) we are very probably not going to GenCon this year. It is too close to the release date for R:tAG's game, and my game is not going to be featured at all at GenCon (its big marketing d├ębut is going to be PAX, which ironically is the same weekend as the aforementioned Regency wedding. Admire the multi-layered segue!) so we won't be going for work, and there are too many other events in the fall for which we must husband (wife?) our personal resources.

On the weekend, we went up to The City to see Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine, which was a cabaret-style show of lounge covers of songs that one would not expect to hear in that style. I think my personal favourite was the theme song for "The Greatest American Hero." I cannot believe that I have brain cells devoted to remembering that song. The opening band was Project Pimento and I can now say I've seen a lounge theramin band. They were surprisingly good.

And the next day, a friend was in town from England and (because we never do anything interesting unless its under the spur of out-of-town visitors) we took him to Hakone Gardens which we've been meaning to visit for ages. Although the day was a bit too hot, and the season for most of the flowers has passed, the gardens are still very nice and I'm glad we finally went. Feeding carp is fun.

* It's been a long time since I read this, but man! It's not a romance at all, is it? It's a horror story. And I don't mean the bit with the ghost at the beginning. Catherine and Heathcliff are terrifying.

** Not the Father Christmas outfit. Don't encourage him.

*** Though in a pinch he can wear his ~1860 frock coat. What's 50 years more or less?

Happy Canada Day. I am waving the flag.

Literally, because it creates a slight breeze. The AC in our office is completely out. It's about 95F in here. I no think good.

Brain needs cold.

Free popsicles are supplied by management in attempt to avoid heat stroke epidemic. I am considering stuffing one up each nostril to cool my brain off.

Bad idea?


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