So normally I only mention comings and goings (mine, ours or others') after the fact because, as I have said, I have weird privacy issues about putting personal information out on Teh IntarWebz.* But our current houseguest is practically famous for writing about not being home, and I just want to brag about having such a cool friend.

So go read Pam's blog, Go See Run Eat Drink, and enjoy! We have to figure out a Weird Food for her to try here, and I have to think of a short list of must-see sights that will compete with the best Europe, Asia and Africa have to offer.**

* And yes, I just posted my full birthdate a few days ago. But I could have been lying.

** I really need to stock up on guide books; we've been going pretty much completely digital for that sort of thing but there's something about your basic Fodor's Guide that's very reassuring.

Hey there.

Still here, still reasonably content, no large life changes (apart from turning 41, but that's really not a change. Not turning 41 would have been a change. I would have blogged about that).

Also not real reason or explanation for stopping blogging. Sorry about that.

So, what did I miss describing? Visitors,* lots of work, nice weather, a few movies, some really quite good meals. And more work. I need a better class of dream or something.

Oh, and today I saw a Nuttall's Woodpecker, which I had never seen before. My new office** has huge windows that look out onto treetops, since the office borders a creek valley, and I therefore have Wildlife TV on pretty much constantly. It's nice, if distracting. Squirrel!

* Wode and Tox C., and then Mr. Too-Tall. It was great to see them all. Having Tox C. around to go yarn shopping with was especially awesometastic. Am I missing anyone? It seems like there might have been more people. My sincere apologies if I'm forgetting about you.

** Not due to a promotion; I was serious about the "no changes" thing. After STO released there was a big musical-office rearrangement as the team size changed, and I got shuffled around. I think it's an upgrade on the whole, though.


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