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It's the Knitting Olympics time again already. Four years just fly by! I'll have to find out if Bob and Bob are still available and interested in doing the commentary.

I'm planning a pentathlon event; I've got five things on the needles that I really ought to finish. This will be a challenge, for sure. I've gotten sick of each of the projects at least once already. One of the projects is actually older than our residence in California* so there's the additional challenge there of figuring out where I left off.

And some random links:

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How To Avoid Camera Loss (made me laugh, anyway)
Where Should I Eat? (First question = are you in Canada? Marvelous.)

* Seeing as how it's a wool sweater for R:tAG, I probably ought to make sure he's still interested.

STO is on its way, boldly going etc. etc. etc. Reaction has been favourable on the whole. My personal warm fuzzy review so far is that the UI does not suffer any huge reproach.* The software dev team got an ice-cream cake! **

Kovbasa Steve was just here, which was great even though R:tAG and I were so busy that we didn't have near enough time to spend with him.*** Plus I was completely laid up with some kind of food poisoning for the middle of the week... about 12 hours of violent, erm, "issues" followed by about 24 hours of a healing coma. Thank goodness I was the only one affected, though it happened right after the only meal we all shared. I'd really REALLY feel bad about poisoning a guest with my cooking. I guess I got the lucky E. Coli. lettuce leaf or something.

Dundracon is coming up and there are an amazing number of LARPs. It's been a while, the pain has faded, maybe I'll get back on the horse. There's also the Chinese New Year's Treasure Hunt and Stitches West to look forward to. I'm glad the crunch of the game has faded to a dull roar and I'm allowed some extracurricular activities.

* OK, literal translations are always funny. It's actually "L'interface, bien plus pratique que celle de Champions Online, ne souffre d'aucun gros reproche," from this review.

** Plus personal handmade trophies from the team manager, who is a stand-up guy. Within a few minutes we'd figured out that the little Enterprise models on the trophies were designed to come off, and we were flying the ships around making "pew-pew" noises at each other. I like the game industry.

*** And it rained pretty much all the time. But that's still preferable compared to February in Calgary.


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