Hah! Have that song in your head now?

It's raining here a lot, and whatever they make the roads here out of, it's really really shiny when it's wet. Since my formative driving years were spent in Saskatchewan, I'm having to work to suppress the "Crap! Ice!"* reflex upon seeing these shiny, shiny roads. They're so shiny that it's hard to see the reflective lane paint amidst the reflections of the car and street lights, even during the day.

I'd forgotten the wondrousness that is McSweeneys'. Love his writing. And his. And they're funny (reminds me a bit of a limitless Book of Ratings)

As you can tell, this week was a bit humdrum (the sound that the turbines of tedium make... humdrumhumdrumhumdrum...). But after the blog-marathon of the past weeks, I felt bad not posting something. This is probably not a good sign. I'll be describing nothing but meals and cute-things-I heard-a-kid-say next. Then you can just shoot me.

* "Crap" being used in the figurative, expletive sense rather than the literal, imperative one. Mostly. Doing rapid and unplanned doughnuts in the middle of Highway 11 due to a patch of black ice came close to being an exception.



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