In a complete bizzaro-twist, we had a lovely weekend and now it's pissing down rain.

The weekend was so nice that I actually got a pretty bad sunburn from being outside all day Saturday without sunscreen (it's March! Who needs sunscreen in March?). Saturday was a terrain-bee hosted by a friend of ours from R:tAG's workplace. He wanted to make a jungle, so he invited a bunch of people over to work on his jungle and/or finish up projects of their own. It was really quite fun; got to show off our terrain and steal learn tips and techniques from other terrain builders. I finished six tree pieces of ours and a jungle piece for our host, who had set up two tables in his driveway for us to work on. Working outside was nice; no worries about paint or glue fumes, access to various powertools* and you could ruffle up static grass just by holding it up to the breeze. The downside was fending off the occasional passerby who thought we were holding some very odd and specialized garage sale.

Sunday we saw V for Vendetta, which I thought was very good. Apparently Alan Moore wrote it in response to where he saw the Thatcher government taking Britain, but the themes are certainly still appropriate today (I haven't read the comic, so I don't know if the anti-Muslim text was added to make it more topical). I also read that some theater showing it was offering prizes to women who showed up with shaved heads, which when you see the context of that in the film is really quite disturbing.

Oh, and thanks, all, for the interview question ideas; the position is for a UI designer so coding questions probably aren't appropriate but portfolio questions are.

Oh, and in another Bizzaro-land incident this morning, I was tailgated from about a block away from my house until Hwy 85 by a middle-aged man driving a BMW in an odd shade of green. As soon as the heavy traffic allowed**, he swerved into the commuter lane (a big no-no) and plunged back into traffic; driving like a jerk, basically. A few km up the road, I saw his distinctive car pulled over by a highway cop. Yay for Bizzaro-land, where my wishes come true!

* Belt sanders are fun!

** Yes, the traffic was that heavy right from my house. I live right by a major road which connects with Hwy 85.


  1. Terry said...

    Psst! You can't link pictures directly from the village voice.

    But I believe you can link the article that has the picture...,hoberman,72526,20.html  

  2. Amy said...

    Aw, I wanted the picture. I'll find another link...  


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