Walkin' on Sunshine

Metaphorically. It's still pretty grey here.

But for some reason the universe has been aligned into slices of happiness for the past few days. Yesterday on NPR in the morning all the news was good. Maybe if you to listen to NPR, or news, regularly this isn't so unusual. But I usually listen for about 15 minutes in a sleepy fog and it's usually a really depressing way to start the day. But yesterday it was Jill Carroll being alive and free, a local county coming in on-time and on-budget for a 9-year transportation project, and Governor Schwarzenegger and the California electorate having reached an uneasy peace. Today, it's finding a jacket at Macy's* that comes close to the Evil Willow jacket I have been coveting for years... in my size and 50% off. And I'm not coughing hardly at all any more.

Sometimes it's the little things.

* Ever since my Mum told me about the Department Store Food Chain in the U.S., I've been sort of sensitive to whether I'm going to the "right" store or instead if I'm shopping in a place where only old insane bag ladies would shop. This is pretty ridiculous, I know, so don't start, and I also know what it says about my fashion sense that I don't think I could tell this by looking at the actual clothes, but instead have to surreptitously peek at fellow shoppers and try to judge their Old Insane Bag Lady quotient. But this is getting way too deep into my private neuroses, so I'll stop.


  1. cenobyte said...

    Department Store Food Chain?

    Like Safeway?  

  2. Amy said...

    Nah, like the "nature red in tooth and claw" food chain. With Neiman-Marcus at the top with the lions and Marshall's at the bottom with the amoebas. Or something like that.

    Like, you can tell the quality of a mall, median income of the area, etc. by which department stores grace it with their presence.  

  3. Carl Norum said...

    Macy's is safe. ;-)  

  4. Paul said...

    Googling for "Department Store Food Chain" finds ACS at number 5. Sure, there's only 5 items in the list, but it's still first page!  

  5. Terry said...

    So funny. We just bought Season 6 last weekend so we're just going through those episodes. And if anyone could pull off 'dark willow', it's you.

    Found your next Gencon award winner? :)  


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