And an addendum...

I wasn't going to put the Knitting Olympic Gold Medal on my blog because I figured I'd done enough bragging. But then there was apparently a flap over its design. And because the flap-ers are types with whom I do not wish to associate myself* I feel compelled now to show it in anti-solidarity. So here:

* Flap 1: How dare you put a picture of a naked man on it! Flap 2: How dare you put a picture of a naked man on it!


  1. Anonymous said...

    Anyone who thinks that's naked REALLY has to get out more. And it's so emancipated it looks more like Hollow Man.  

  2. carla said...

    All I can say is . . . wow, did you see how many posts there were on franklin's blog? 130 posts for one blog entry. I cannot get over it, but then I am new to the blog/live journal phenomenon; perhaps such things are not unusual in this strange land. The idea of knitting and nudity, or knitting in the nude are a little frightening to me.

    Congrats on your medal. The sweater looks great.  

  3. Amy said...

    "And it's so **emancipated** it looks more like Hollow Man."

    I do not think that word means what you think it means...  

  4. cenobyte said...

    No man, no.

    "Emancipated" in the sense of "we are free to starve ourselves as we see fit".

    Speaking of which, there's a REALLY emancipated employee at one of our local Fast Fud outlets, which I find mildly amusing. I mean, in a "she's free to starve herself as she sees fit" kind of way, while hocking fud that makes the rest of the porkulation morbidly obese.

    ACTUALLY, it's the new "thing". Saying "I'm so emancipated..." and then following up with any number of things. Such as (to name but a few) :

    "I'm so emancipated, I could eat a horse"
    "I'm so emancipated, my knees look like hamburger."
    "Oh man, you're so emancipated it's like you just spent the last 100 years picking cotton in some fat guy's field for no money and terrible conditions for your rapidly growing family!"
    "Check out those *emancipated* hootchkas! Looks like the fuzz finally let them out!"


    It's the new thing.  

  5. Christopher said...

    And here I thought he was emancipated from the burdens of mere flesh.  


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