I am sick. I am sick as a sick thing.

I suppose it's about time; I haven't suffered real illness for over a year (headaches and attacks of the collywobbles aside). So now I have a full-blown head cold that might just turn into a lingering sinus infection. It's bad enough that I broke open the specially smuggled imported Buckley's Mixture.

I blame the Buckley's for the following (WARNING: JUVENILE HUMOUR AHEAD). I read yesterday about a game that helps pass the commuting time; take the model name of each car you see, and prefix it with "Anal." So I played that on the way home. OK, maybe it was just funny to me.*

How are you all doing?

* "Anal Civic" being the first, of course (a very specific part of the Body Politic, I suppose) but "Anal Kompressor" nearly made me drive off the road. Sounds like a cabaret act in 1930's Berlin.


  1. cenobyte said...

    I think "Anal Hummer" would have me off the road.  

  2. Amy said...

    R:tAG's favourite is "Anal Fiesta"  

  3. Chelle said...

    Anal Jetta grabs me, as does Anal Talon (but that's a different kind of grab... oh, never mind...) I first played that game when I was 16, and I was convulsed with mirth. Yup. I was 16.  

  4. Amy said...

    Hey, I *said* it was juvenile humour. I regress when I'm sick. :)  

  5. Smarty Pants said...

    Anal Caravan? Damn - this *is* a fun game.  

  6. Chelle said...

    Hey, I know, I regress to juvenile humour when I'm under the weather.

    Oh, and I thought of Anal Tempest when David and I were reading this post. Milk+nose=sucks.

  7. cenobyte said...

    actually, I think milk+nose=blows to be more technical, but who am I?  

  8. Drang said...

    Read this yesterday, and saw an Volkswagon beetle on the road today, and I was almost sick.  


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