Looking ahead

So this is all very up in the air and hand-wavy right now, but there has been Talk of R:tAG and me coming up to Calgary on the May long weekendish (20ish-22ish) for a birthday celebration. Ish. Would we get any interest from anyone about joining us?

While you talk about that amongst yourselves, I'm going to tell you the funniest joke I've heard since the antenna joke:

Q: Why don't French people ever eat two eggs?
A: Because one egg is un oeuf.

(you have to say this out loud, I think. This, with many other gems, can be found here. A warning; the criteria of the jokes were that they shouldn't make fun of anyone. That does not mean that they are not rude. (e.g. the joke about twenty-six year olds is in there))

And here're some links:

Dictionary of Symbols
(I spent way too much time here)
A Great Invention (I need one!)
Bad Album Covers (just funny)
The thing that made me laugh the most all week (apart from the egg joke)
My next vacation spot
Thoughts on composing music (I thought this was interesting despite having never composed anything and being pretty inexperienced with modern music)
Guide to Grammar and Writing (should be required reading)

And with regards to the whole interviewing thing, here's a great idea from one of my new favourite bloggers:

"Here's something I’d like to do the next time I have to interview someone. I'd give them a normal interview and at the end of it say, "I'd also like to have you interview with the department god. Would that be okay? Good, I'll go summon him." Then I'd leave and come back wearing a giant paper-mache tiki monster head, and give another interview in a scary deep demon voice. If I could somehow make fire shoot out of the giant paper-mache tiki monster head, that would be good as well. I'd hire anyone who I couldn't make cry."

Have a good weekend!


  1. Suz said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  2. rilla said...

    Whilst MSNing with R:tAG yesterday I told him that I would make it down somehow if you two were going to be there. Just thought I should let you know too since you're mentioning it and all.  

  3. Alan said...

    The "My next vacation spot" link should read "Not clowns, but fear inspiring none the less." Nice idea, but definitely not for me.

    As for meeting in Calgary in May, I'll make it there if you do! I might even be able to help a few others get there. I have a very large trunk :)  

  4. cenobyte said...

    Ooo! You removed a post! (Was it spam?)

    Okay, back to (Sigh).

    The May Long Weekend is the Regina games convention, so I can't go. But you and the Birthday People should come to Regina for the Con! (We're trying to set up a Kingdom Come game for Friday evening)  

  5. neuba said...

    You can probably count us in too. Jeff's birthday is on the Monday, so it would seem fitting to come for the celebration and a visit.  

  6. Cara said...

    Ack. While you're in The Place That I Live, I and the Jason will be fending off demonic cattle, thus not able to smooze with you nor R:tAG.

    We'll be at the yearly camping opener over May long, this year at a place called "Indian Graves". I'm personally imagining Amityville, subbing my tent instead of a mansion, and wailing cows instead of children.




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