Whoof. Terrible, terrible night's sleep. One of those where no position or temperature is comfortable, bedclothes get all strangly, and normal house noises sound like the Thunderclaps of Doom. I am puffy and sandy-eyed, and just hoping that if anyone catches me napping in my cube, I have the presence of mind to quietly say "Amen" when they wake me up.

But we had a great weekend; the Two J's from Minnesota came for a visit. These are the folks we got along so well with (with whom we got along so well. Well got with we whom along so.) at GenCon, and they are just as nice in the real world.* The only downside of the weekend was that I might be completely addicted to Guitar Hero.** No, we haven't bought it, but it's available at several friends' places now, and at R:tAG's workplace. And I can stop any time I want to.

* And I say this despite them totally Kisleving us in a cameo appearance in our weekly Deadlands game. We started the session stranded on a bleak pillar of rock in The Maze, surrounded by mined, shark-and-pirate-infested waters. And that, as the man said, was the good bit.

** I even got the "Tetris-eyes" type thing happening where I could see the coloured notes coming at me all the time.



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