Holuptsi Afterglow

Hm. Wonder where my Yahoo Avatar went. Oh well.

The Ukrainian Easter Buffet went well, I thought, even though it struck me that since Easter is a lunar holiday, we couldn't use the old Gregorian vs. Julian* excuse for not being organized enough to actually have it on Easter. But happily, perogies knoweth no season. We have a heap of leftover ham, too; whoever described eternity as "a ham and two people" was right on the money.

And it's official now, we'll be in Cowtown from the 19th to the 24th (though we're planning on spending the 23rd in Edmonchuck to see some of my family). So forget your stupid lakes and cabins and camping; come have fun with us! I hear the weather's going to really suck anyway. Really. Rain and hail and sleet and possibly plagues of toads. Really.

* Huh. Upon actually reading the Wiki, I see that "almost all Orthodox churches continue to celebrate Easter according to the Julian calendar" but since Easter is the first Sunday after the full moon after the equinox, wouldn't that be the same day as the Gregorian? Aren't the equinox and the moon phase based on astronomical geometry, not the calendar?**

** OK, after thinking about this even more (it's Monday, I'm slow) I guess it would only be the same day sometimes since the calendars are 13 days apart, not 14 (an even 2 weeks) like I thought.


  1. cenobyte said...

    IT's a 'movable feast'.

    Which always conjures up images of a bunch of priests and bishops in their goofy hats and dresses, trundling after a meal cart, trying to stuff butter rolls down their cassocks.  

  2. Amy said...

    Well, yes, but it's moveable because of the lunar-ness of it, no? Moveable just means it doesn't always happen on the same date.

    (though I have always had the same mental image of a banquet table on wheels)  

  3. neuba said...

    I realize I had originally said that we would likely be coming to Calgary on the long weekend, however I am leaning more towards the unlikely.

    School is back in the swing of things, and it will be a hectic time for me trying to finish up my last class, and finalizing my research methodolgy before I leave for Oxford.

    I am sure you will have a wonderful time visiting, I just can't afford 4 days off at that particular time.


  4. Amy said...

    Boo! I am sad!

    Well, keep an open mind. Maybe things will either come together for you in a spectacular fashion, or go so badly that you'll desperately need a break. :)

    (and maybe Pokey could come even if you can't? I'd only be half as sad then...)  

  5. rilla said...

    re: your avatar: I was having similar problems a few days ago. It seemed to be fixed by changing the avatar; I changed it back to the way that I wanted it, but making some sort of change somehow fixed the glitch. Weird.

    re: trip: neuba, you can totally organize yourself to be ready for a week-end off. It's the long week-end, you're not going to get much/any work done anyway.

    I have a semi-plan in place to catch a ride up with Alamalan, but I will confirm soon so that it moves from semi-plan to plan-plan.  

  6. neuba said...

    I will think about it.

    I didn't want to make any solid plans to come and then have it fall through cuz of school. So I would rather say that I am not, and then if I can, it is better.

    As for weekend work, I do get a lot of work done on the weekends, and if I stayed home it would be because I HAVE TO work.  

  7. cenobyte said...

    Well oh YEAH!??

    I'm not going ANYWHERE.


    It's moveable because of the lunar-ness of it, yes. But I have no idea how those crazy Orthodoxians (Orthodux?) count their weeks/ecclesiastical seasons.  


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