For someone who's not Catholic or Jewish,* I sure easily absorb any free-floating guilt. "Buyer's remorse" can last a couple of years with me. So our latest purchase is sending me into fits. How can I justify spending money on such a egregious example of rampant consumerism? There are starving people who need help both in far-off places and close to home. Sure, we've been frugal this past year, treading lightly on the planet, etc. etc., but that was imposed by me not working. Now that we have money, we're spending it in a very shallow way.

No punch line here, I really am feeling guilty.

Damn nice TV, though.

* Or Protestant, or Hindu, or Muslim, or theist, if it comes to that.


  1. Terry said...

    Does this mean you're actually watching TV nowadays? :)  

  2. Paul said...

    You simply need to apply corporate/ government logic to your situation. You didn't spend $2000 on a TV, you saved over $10,000* by NOT buying the 61 inch HDTV plasma screen that you really wanted; opting instead for a smaller, inferior product.

    *no math mistake kids, Pioneer lists one model at 1.6 million yen 8-O  

  3. rilla said...

    As long as you don't buy an SUV/HumV (you know how I feel about those) I think you should be able to forgive yourself.  

  4. Amy said...

    Terry: Nope, we're watching DVDs and playing Xbox 360.

    Paul: Hm. I wonder if I can convince my subconscious of this. There certainly were more expensive TVs (a 51" plasma was the most expensive we saw, at $10,000). I have a concern with the burn-in problem with plasma; they've improved it a bit, but I think it's still noticeable.

    Ril: Heh. Yeah, this was one of the tricks I used to make myself feel better; trying to add up all the things we're *not* buying. We're a one car family (a rarity 'round here) and the last TV we/I bought was in 1991.  

  5. neuba said...

    All I got is: Very nice TV!

    The DVD's and games from Xbox 360 probably look amazing on that thing.

    Plus, if you haven't bought a TV since 1991, you deserve it. That should be enough to get rid of the guilt. One tv every 15 years isn't so bad. You definitely will get your monies worth.  

  6. Christopher said...



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