I thought I'd better include some non-knitting content and the thing that's looming in my mind is our garbage disposal. I've never had one before, ever. It's scary and strangely thrilling to have this thing that, as Bill Bryson said, could any minute convert your hand from a useful grasping tool into a dibber.

Ours has been having performance issues, though. First it was the discovery that you should never put eggshells down it (well, that doesn't hurt the garberator itself, it clogs the pipes). And then it wouldn't drain properly, and just kept making unhappy grunts (kinda like R:tAG before coffee :)). So yesterday I threw a cleaner pellet down*, then ice cubes, then a sinkful of cold water. And there was this hella big "krr-krr-krr-kerchunksqshsqqshhBLOOP" sound, as something that it makes my gorge rise even to think about came loose and disappeared from our lives forever. And now everything's fine!

And now knitting... those of you not interested in this had better just tune out for the next two weeks. I'm going to use this as a sort of photojournal for my own benefit since I've never chronicled knitting progress this obsessively before.

Start of Day 2, back ribbing and some cables.

Start of Day 3 (today), over half done the back... there will be 2.5ish repeats of the centre diamond in the end.

I love this pattern; the cables are all so elegantly and sensibly aligned that you don't need the charts after a while. I'm trying to get a lot done now, because next weekend is Dundracon and I'm thinking of attending.

* Down the garbage disposal. Not down R:tAG. That wouldn't help At All.


  1. Paul said...

    I sympathise about the garbage disposer. I had dad's off the sink for an attitude adjustment almost every other visit until we yanked it out permanently. I'll send you a japanese one - same size hole but under the rubber thingy there's a wire basket that catches the debris. Dump it out when it gets smelly.  

  2. Suz said...

    Nice progress on the knitting already, Amy. I say that you should try the socks with the circle-pattern on them after this one.  

  3. Tomas said...

    You know that you've been in California too long when you start using words like "hella".



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