Announcer 1: ... and there is still no update from the Inishmore in California. It's been three days now, and we're getting very worried... wait! Wait! Bob, is that you?
Announcer 2: Yes it is, Bob!
Announcer 1: Where on Earth have you been?
Announcer 2: It's a complicated story, Bob. Let's just say that you can't put too many oranges into a dufflebag.
Announcer 1: OOoookay, Bob. But we're all waiting to hear about Inishmore!
Announcer 2: Well, as you can see, Bob, the front and back are done, and a strong start has been made in the Synchronized Sleeve event.
Announcer 1: Are the front and back actually longer than I remember, Bob?
Announcer 2: Well spotted, Bob! Yes, Amy made the daring decision to lengthen the body by a couple of inches after realizing that cropped styles make her look like a bowling pin, and that she'd rather have a wearable sweater than a Knitting Olympic gold.
Announcer 1: A bold decision, Bob! Best of luck to Amy, and we go now to the Short Doily event in progress.


So this is actually less progress on Inishmore than I had hoped to make, but there was Stitches and Dundracon to distract me this weekend. I spent a fair bit of money at Stitches (I'm employed now! Don't you judge me!) but actually less than I'd expected because the market was just overwhelming. I went into ferret shock and just started wandering around with eyes like saucers and a slight thread of drool hanging from my chin. A-freakin'-mazing.

Dundracon was really good too. We only went for Saturday, but it was bigger than I'd expected and the LARP lineup was pretty impressive. I chose the 7th Sea one, being a sucker for the genre, and did not regret it. Despite not registering, I landed a key role* and had a great time. A long LARP, though... seven hours!

I was very glad that Monday was a holiday so that we could rest up from the weekend.

* Amusing incident: I was talking with an ST beforehand about what character I could play, and she said "Well, I've got a fairly central character here... do you think you can play arrogant, manipulative and condescending?" I actually laughed before I realized she didn't know me from a hole in the ground and was not being funny.


  1. cenobyte said...

    But she learned, didn't she? Oh, she learned.


  2. Suz said...

    Seven hours? I'd fall asleep instantly after that! Although, I suppose we used to spend whole weekends doing this stuff. Of course, I don't think it was as intense as a one-shot where you had to be in character the whole time. Well, anyway, I know you impressed everyone there. Nice dress, btw. ;)  


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