And they're off!

OK, so I can't post a picture of my Olympic knitting progress, because R:tAG took the camera with him to a gaming convention today. But I do have one of the Super Secret Project mentioned earlier, which is now declassified because it's been given to the recipient.

Yep, the CEO of R:tAG's company and his wife just had a baby boy, so obviously the Heir Apparent needed a Statesman toy. The Heroclix figure is shown for scale. I was pretty happy with how it turned out, except for the helmet which I think could be better. But it's not bad for about eight hours' work, no prior planning, and using only materials on hand.

And in other news... well, not much. I'm a full-time employee now, my probationary period of two months having been reduced because they realized how awesome I am.* Which means a pay raise, so yay!

Some cool links:

Party recipie (some day...)
Good interview with Dan Savage (favourite quote: "...everyone's so completely pussified by our therapy culture, where anyone who's seeking counsel has to be f*ckin' nursed at your hairy tit for half an hour before you say a discouraging word")
Also from the Onion (it's a joke, obviously, but it's also part of what my thesis was about. The concept of adding visual usage information to digital content is a valid one! Really!)
Superbowl Entertainment (OK, too late for this year, but it's a great idea. We didn't watch the game, but this actually made it tempting)
Art Knitting (um, probably should be for grownups only)

* I'm experimenting with Tomas-style blogging, but I'm not sure I can sustain it...


  1. Suz said...
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  2. Suz said...

    You are awesome! I'm glad someone in that silly city finally realized it.

    Good luck with your knitting!

    Oh, and the Statesman teddy is completely awesome as well.  

  3. Tomas said...

    I like the new direction your blog is taking. Keep up the awesome work.  


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