Announcer 1: And we interrupt our regular coverage to briefly check in on the Inishmore. Bob?
Announcer 2: No surprises here, Bob, the back is completed and I see it's a bit longer than the 2.5 centre repeats that Amy had originally predicted. This is probably a bit of strategy on her part; she's probably making absolutely sure that she won't violate the IOC "Dessus du petit pain" or "Muffintop" regulations which apply even to a cropped event like this. Since she's pretty long waisted, this bit of extra time spent here will pay off at the finish. She might even regret that she didn't go the full three repeats, but we'll see. The saddle shoulders might provide that crucial extra distance.
Announcer 1: And do I see a start on the front, Bob?
Announcer 2: Yes you do, Bob. Just a couple of centimeters of the ribbing, but the advantage here is largely psychological. It's Day 5, after all, and the initial thrill of starting is being replaced by sheer stubbornness.
Announcer 1: Thanks, Bob. We now return to the Freestyle DP event in progress.

(Edit) Oh yeah, it's Valentine's Day, isn't it? That's why there was a lovely pot of tulips on the table this morning... R:tAG is such a sweetie. He is a master of the marital arts.

(I was trying to find a clever way to work this one into the post, but I couldn't. It's damn funny though).


  1. Zreekee said...

    I love the announcer-style commentary.

    Looking so very nice.  


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