Day 6

Announcer 1: Time to go to Bob and our regular Inishmore update... Whoa, Bob! What happened? Is that a picture from Day 2?
Announcer 2: No, Bob, we're not on instant replay, and there hasn't been a frogging incident. The front of Inishmore is identical to the back until the last sixteen rows, and what we're seeing here is the progress on the front. As you remember from yesterday, the back is complete.
Announcer 1: Well, that's a relief, Bob. Thanks for explaining that aspect of Inishmore. I guess you really have to be a fan to know something like that.
Announcer 2: Not really, Bob.
Announcer 1: Well, anyway, what's the status at the beginning of Day 6, Bob?
Announcer 2: Pretty sluggish, Bob. Yesterday evening was Valentine's, after all.
Announcer 1: You mean that Amy actually chose spending time with her true love over knitting?
Announcer 2: Pretty much, Bob.
Announcer 1: Well, we can only hope that this loss of focus won't affect her chances of a medal. We take you now to the Speed Frogging track and events there.



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