Gold in California!

Announcer 1: And I think we have a final report from California... Bob?
Announcer 2: Bob? Bob, ish that you?
Announcer 1: Er, Bob, are you OK?
Announcer 2: Jush fine, Bob! Bobby! Bobberino! Hey, we're bosh named Bob!
Announcer 1: Maybe we'd better call back?
Announcer 2: I'm fine, Bob, jush fine. Jusht been having a little drinky for Inif.. Inan... Inishmore. That'sh it. Inishmore. Ish done! All done! Yay!
Announcer 1: Well, that's good. We'd love to hear more about it, but maybe we'll return to this story after Bob has... recovered.
Announcer 2: No, no. Bob! She got the sheams all done an'everything! Shee? It'sh inshide out. Inishmore, inshide out... all the lil' endsh, all woven in... and she got it done lasht night!
Announcer 1: Lasht... I mean, last night, Bob?
Announcer 2: That'sh what I shaid! Lasht night! She wanted to take picturesh thish morning though, in the shun. But then it rained. Shad little raindrops... itsh sho shad...
Announcer 2: OK, we're moving on now to the other magnificent Knitting Olympic final products. Thanks for listening. This was Bob...
Announcer 2: And Bob! Whee!
Announcer 1: ... signing off on Inishmore.


Well, that was actually interesting. I wasn't sure if I could finish in time, and I did, so that's nice. Without some sort of reason though (even if it's a self-imposed reason like the Knitting Olympics) I don't enjoy knitting flat-out on only one thing. It's the only one thing part, I think, that's the real problem. I usually have two or three projects going at once (at a minimum) so when I get bored I can switch. And I get bored very easily.

I also taught myself to cable without a cable needle, which I don't think I would have done without the deadline pressure, so that's a Useful Skill.

On the down side, I think the thing's still too short. I'm constantly pulling it down. Yes, I wanted a shorter version originally but I think I was wrong. It's a major undertaking to lengthen it, with the way it's designed, so I think I'll leave it for a bit and see if I acclimatize. R:tAG says I don't look any more like a bowling pin than usual. What a relief.


  1. rilla said...

    Yay! It looks great Amy. Congrats!  

  2. neuba said...

    Congrats Amy! It looks real good.  

  3. Kemma said...

    Congrats on the completion! It looks fabulous, and you're inspiring me to some post-Olympic sweater knitting.  

  4. Suz said...

    You really don't look like a bowling pin. Or anything else except you. I'm so shutting up now.  

  5. Amy said...

    Does my ass make the sweater look big, though? :)  

  6. Laura said...

    Wow! You did that just over the olympics? It looks so good! Great work. I wonder how many kick ass fingerless gloves you could have made during that time too... hmmmm...

    Psst... I love my fingerless gloves :o)  

  7. Molly W said...

    Your project is very much like mine, and mine seems a bit short also. But that's when I am wearing pants. It is different with a dress. But maybe I just need to lose 20 pounds. I don't think I could day that about you.

    Great Job!  

  8. Anonymous said...

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