... and I can still count on one hand the number of times I've felt the need for a coat this year. So odd.

Still no pictures, but dammit, I'm going to talk about knitting.

I've been just itching to cast on for my Olympic project, which would be Bad, and Cheating, so I'm distracting myself with all sorts of little stuff. I started a doily. I am so not a doily person, but I love knitting with teeny tiny needles and thread. Plus after this, the Olympic sweater will seem like I'm knitting with broom handles by contrast and will go speedily. I started and finished a hat. And I started a Secret Project which has had both positive and negative progress (i.e. lots of knitting and ripping) because I'm both designing it on the needles and using scrap yarn. I gave up last night after I realized that the yarn I was using just wasn't going to do what I wanted nohow, even after knitting and ripping it about six times, and I didn't feel like digging around in my stash closet in the dark. At least it was a small stitch count at that point.

I'm also ploughing through the mound of books I got at Dark Carnival during our lovely trip to Berkeley last weekend. I just finished Rats, which I'd been meaning to read for a while. I liked it, though I was hoping for something other than a personal "This is me in New York" story. I was expecting either an academic work (Rats, Lice and History) or a small specific story as used a springboard to broader themes (The Orchid Thief) and I don't think Rats was either.

But I couldn't believe the number of grammatical errors in the text! Either authors don't use editors any more, or the editors are getting more ignorant.* This was my favourite, on page 176:

"By 1952, a team of 14 men was exterminating rats, including Louis A. Lindecop, the port's chief sanitary inspector at the time."

I do not think that sentence means what you think it means, Mr. Sullivan.

Tonight we're playtesting some material for Deadlands:Reloaded, and the creator of the game is running it. This is definitely the upside of living here and R:tAG doing what he does; meeting the people responsible for all the stuff we love. Oh, and to link the themes of "knitting" and "benefits of living here" (not to mention the theme of "finally being gainfully employed"), Stitches West is soon. Squee!

Oh, and some links to stuff from coolhunting, which is a fantastic place to waste time:

A cool alarm clock
A cool USB stick
A cool guitar
A very very cool knitting project

And just plain funny (um, but adult content warning):
New Acronyms for Today's Discerning Freakazoid


* Or I'm getting pickier and more crotchety. What are the odds?


  1. cenobyte said...


    It misses you, it does.

    Stupid not having a cool bookstore like that here. Stupid California. Stupid cool knitting projects. Stupid (kick) stupid.  

  2. Zreekee said...


    Have to hire you to make 2 of these (one for Jake one for me). I'm not sure on yarn costs etc. Let me know if you want too. :) :) :)

    PS love my hat. Just Love it!  

  3. Amy said...

    Hey, zreekee;

    I'd be happy to make the scarves; I liked them too when I saw them!

    The recommended yarn is US$10/skein, and two full size scarves would be 4 skeins. If Jake's could be shorter, then 3 might do (the adult size shown takes slightly less than 2 skeins). There probably will be shipping on top of that too (probably around $US5) since I haven't seen that yarn around here (too warm for bulky angora/wool!) Because the scarf is felted, you do have to use wool (no cutting costs with acrylic) but I'll look around for substitutes if you want.  

  4. Zreekee said...

    So roughly $45-50 USD for materials. Cause I think Jake would like a full sized...wrapped a couple times extra will just keep his nose warmer. :>

    How about time/ skilled labour?

    I'll see if I can budget it in for Feb 20th and send you a money order.  

  5. Suz said...

    Sooo want the USB key.

    Did I mention that the new pirate hook lasted less than a month? [sigh]  

  6. Suz said...

    That wasn't a hint. I was just saying.  

  7. carla said...

    I would murder that alarm clock. I want to throw it across the room just looking at it. However, I do not think it would make a satisfying crunch with all that padding.

    WTNP hehe. My microwave is possessed.  

  8. Christopher said...

    Well, it's good that there's an acronym for this, since it'd be awful hard to say all of this in the event it actually occurred.

    BOTAGI - Bites off tongue and giggles innappropriately

    I can't believe I know a doily person now.  

  9. Amy said...

    My God! He lives!

    And I am NOT A DOILY PERSON!  

  10. Anonymous said...

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