It's raining here. A lot.

So, finally back and feeling sociable enough to even blog. It was wonderful to see so many friends and family again, and I know I missed even more people because of disorganization on my part (forgive me, please). But cramming basically a year's worth of socialization into two weeks left me feeling slightly crazy. Er. Crazier. Not that I needed more proof of my introverted nature.

And we saw more of Calgary airport than we wanted, on both ends of the trip and both times because of weather. On our return date, the San Francisco airport was almost completely shut down (only one runway open, and it's a big airport) because of fog, buckets of rain, and high winds. So we had a four hour delay in the lovely Calgary airport, after even the dubious attractions of Arby's and the Relay store were closed for the evening. Ah well. At least SFO was our final destination so we got home at 2:30 AM PST; I feel for those poor souls who missed connections and were delayed by a day.

But now that I'm home and refreshed by solitude* I can realize how much fun I had, with the wedding and the friends and the family and the hey hey hey. And I can start in on the massive amounts of yarn I brought home. Hey, it's hard to get alpaca wool in California! Don't you dare judge me!

I'm also catching up on everyone else's blogs, and webcomics, and e-mail, and everything... I didn't really look at a computer while I was away. But I was amused to see that someone also wished she'd done a quotes page for the week. There was something at the wedding reception that I kept telling myself "Ok, remember this, remember this, remember this..." and then I must have seen something shiny because I can't remember it.** I should stop wearing sparkly dresses, really.

I'm also very very happy that I got to see four people I wasn't expecting to, Mr. Too-Tall and Mr. Not-Quite-As-Tall-but-Tall-Enough from Calgary, Rob R. the rootless cosmopolite, currently from Malawi (give me your blog URL!) and Marathon Pam, who happened to be flying back to her hometown via Regina at the same time that we were in Regina and had a car. A brief meeting at the airport was all we could manage, but it was still a pleasure.

And thanks to R:tAG's generous family, who provided shelter and transportation and so much holiday food that I felt like a beachball.

And now I'm starting to sound like an awards ceremony. But really, thanks to everyone and we miss you.

* We didn't even go out for New Year's... how lame is that? If it weren't for the fact that we actually did stay awake until midnight, I'd say we were turning into my parents. :) But we split a split (hah!) of champagne and I got to have a whole jar of caviar all to myself since its combination of taste and texture is a double-icky whammy to R:tAG. Mmmm. I like caviar.

** And it wasn't "Monkey! Go!" Believe me, I won't forget that for a while. And it wasn't "Why is my bed on the lawn? Where's my canoe?" because that was after Christmas, not at the wedding.


  1. schmutzie said...

    Ooh, I am so jealous of you and your alpaca yarn. We didn't go out for New Year's either, as we were with friends with two kids under two. Boo. But the kidlets were cute, and then we all turned into pumpkins by ten o'clock.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Hey, I don't even rate as a person-you-didn't-expect-to-see-but-got-too-anyways? Even if it was in another #^&@#@$^#$ airport?



  3. cenobyte said...

    Was it "that's not what I meant" just after the whack on the head with the prayer book?  

  4. Amy said...

    Um, oops, of *course* I should have added you to the list, Pam. I *said* I'd forget important people... it was fantastic that we could even meet for 15 minutes in the Regina airport. I shall revise my account immediately.

    Cenobyte: I think it was at the reception, not the service. Or were you carrying a prayer book at the reception? Now that you mention it,though, your description of proper sporran placement (and in front of a minister, too!) definitely makes the quotes page.  

  5. Zreekee said...

    Thankyou ever so much for the FREAKING AWESOME Jayne toque. I LOVE IT!

    I love it so much. heehee, Jake steals it on me and wears it around the house cause I like it so much :>  

  6. rilla said...

    Perhaps it was something about BB playing with his food?  


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