Well, get used to it. I'm very excited about the Knitting Olympics.

Someone who I don't even know has volunteered to organize Team Canada, bless her needles. As part of my training, I've almost knit up all the lovely Luxury alpaca/silk yarn I got at Christmas. Wonderful stuff. Most of it went to Tempting II* and the leftover part-skein is going into some wristwarmers. I've made these for gifts a couple of times now, and each time I wind up wearing them thoroughly testing them until it's time to give them away. So these are for me.

I'm also almost finished Tubey, done in expensive (but sooooo worth it) Satori (Colour 8, the gray/purple/black) from Artfibers. I had a knitgasm with this yarn. No stripes, just showing off the wonderfullness that is Satori. I'm using smaller needles than Artfibers recommends (5.5 mm instead of 6.5) so I ran out of yarn, had to get more, found out the dye lots didn't match, undid about 15 cm of the body, and re-did it alternating rounds of old and new yarn to blend the dye lots. And such is my love affair with this yarn that I didn't even mind. Much.

Knittius, Altius, Fortius!

*OK, so I'll put this in a footnote since most of my friends' eyes glaze over when I go on about technical knitting details, but I've put this blog on the various Knitting Olympic sites so who knows, a few knitters might visit. With Tempting II, the instructions for the neckband seem to be off. The only way I could get it to work was to knit a neckband stitch together with a body stitch at the end of RS rows (SSK as written) and at the beginning of WS rows (P2togtbl). Otherwise the neckband was way too wide and flopped about horribly. I was using a slightly smaller gauge, so I knit a size up from normal, but the stitch counts and everything were the same. Anyone else find this?


  1. Chelle said...

    Howdy! This is David's girlfriend, Chelle... we met at Mike and Jill's wedding this past December in Saskabush. Don't stop with the knitting details... I lurve them. However, I'm abstaining from Team Canada this year because my biggest project right now is frustrating me so much I hid it in the peer counselling room at my volunteer gig for a few days to take a break. Then I told David I'd do something horrid to his genitals (I won't get into detail here) if he didn't like it. :) Also, it's right in the middle of midterms, and if I weren't a supplicant who tithed most of her yearly income to the Church of the Almighty Grade Point Average, I'd be tackling something like Petrol from knitty.com for D (without the lameassed stripe, of course.)

    I don't actually have a blog here, but if you have an LJ, my username there is cacophonoushell... and my knitting blog is polyphonic_knit.

  2. Suz said...

    While I almost always have a giggle at Amy's posts and the comments that ensure, I think this one takes the cake. I've been dwelling for quite a while and I think it'll come into my mind for a while to come and make me laugh even though I don't ever want to envision anything about David's genitals.  

  3. Samantha said...

    Hooray for Team Canada!!  


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