Driving me crazy

So the commuting honeymoon is over. Apparently by coincidence, although I am not discounting the "schadenfreude of the gods" explanation, up 'til now the drive to and from work has been fine. "I don't know what the fuss is about," I naively said to myself, zipping along 85. And on the radio yesterday morning, there was a report that described traffic where I was as "stop-and-go" when I could clearly see that wasn't the case. All those traffic reports I've been listing to with horror, describing flaming wrecks, full loads of lumber spilled across two lanes, babies being born and people dying of thirst in gridlock... all lies?

Well, there was an accident today (not involving me!) and let me tell you, traffic backs up damn quick on a California highway. I'd already seen how traffic can come to a standstill for no apparent reason, but when there is a reason it takes even longer to restore the flow.

The radio traffic report didn't mention "my" accident (at least not by the time I actually made it to work) but they were focussed on the Bay Bridge, the state of which actually made the NPR guy say "I'm really glad I'm in the studio right now and not driving anywhere."

Ah well, work is going fine (and yes, I'm posting from work, but it's my lunchbreak. Nyah.) So now that the stress from unemployment is relieved, I'm at a stress deficit. And that will never do. So I'm participating in:

The Knitting Olympics
The Knitting Olympics
! Yep, you cast on after (or during!) the lighting of the torch, and finish when they put the torch out. 16 days. It's supposed to be a challenge for you but not impossible. So I'm doing Inishmore. Technically, I'm doing Inishmore again, because I did a longer (tunic length) version once already in a lovely deep red. But that's OK, I think. I mean, the Canadian Olympic hockey team has played hockey before, right? It's not the actual knitting that will be the challenge,* it will be the timeline.

Can-a-da! Can-a-da!

* Without blowing my own horn (toot toot!) I've been knitting long enough that I can't think of much knitting that would be a challenge for me mechanically as long as all the directions are clear. I remembered this technique I read about once where you knit two socks at once, one inside the other, using a double knitting technique. But you don't have anything to show off at the end other than two ordinary looking socks. Inishmore is much more impressive. And I also thought about something from Debbie New's Unexpected Knitting since that's the only knitting book I've seen that has stuff that I think I might not be able to do. But I want to savour that, plus I'd probably have to buy yarn and I should really use some of what I have.


  1. Paul said...

    You were spoiled by Saskatoon traffic too long. In Calgary I was permanently tuned to the traffic report in the afternoon rush. Now, it doesn't matter because a) I can't understand it and b) 'rush' starts at about 7:30am and continues until late evening.
    BTW, every story you have ever heard about Tokyo traffic is true, except perhaps the ones involving giant lizards.
    p.s. get a motorbike.  

  2. Terry said...

    Yeah, the traffic in Saskatoon has been getting pretty bad. It's so bad I'm having to leave at 7:53 just in order to get to work by 8:00. :)  

  3. Steve said...

    If there's one thing I don't envy about you living in California, it's the traffic (Okay. The traffic & the earthquakes :-) Even at -20, the ability to walk to work in Calgary is better than any commute.  

  4. Amy said...

    Having a motorbike actually makes some sense in California. An alarming feature of highway driving here is that lane splitting (motorcycles being able to drive on the lane lines, between cars) is legal.

    Still, though, from my house in S'toon to VCom (where I last worked) was about 25 minutes, typically, maybe longer if there were stupid drivers on Idylwyld (and what *are* the odds of *that*?). It's about the same time to work now, just the average speed is higher.  

  5. Suz said...

    Yeah, I like my commute.

    I love your avatar too. That's fantastic!  

  6. Amy said...

    Thanks! I was very pleased to find the crow, though I wish there was a way to change the footwear. The hair is scary-accurate though. :)

    (the red bag contains knitting, by the way. Duh.)  


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