(I was getting tired of all the posts titled "Miscellanea.")

And welcome, Carla, to blogland! Unlike this site, her blog is all about deep and important thinky-type stuff. Whereas I talk about ants and knitting. My brain is turning to cream cheese.

Gamespot had a year-in-review thing, and a little-known game called Psychonauts got a rave review. So we were at Fry's checking out a sale, and picked it up. It's too 3D-reflexy for me to play so I kibitz while R:tAG plays, and sometimes contribute on the puzzle bits. But it is a really good game. Good interleaving of cut scenes, good story, a variety of challenges, and visuals that I never in a million jillion years would have come up with myself.* It's been more like watching a movie than a game. Of course, my experience with games is pretty limited. Maybe they're all this good now.

We also got the Myst collection (the first three games) for cheap. That's more my style. The game, that is, not cheapness. Though waiting until something cool has faded from the spotlight so that I'm not paying a trendiness premium... hmm. I guess that isn't not my style.**

* This is the same reason I love Miyazaki's movies. As I once said to a friend in a fit of pessimism, as I get older there are fewer and fewer good surprises left.

** There's nothing I don't like about double negatives!


  1. rilla said...

    Re: double negatives. Now I'll forever be wondering whether I made that up, or whether you made that up and I've been using it unwittingly thinking I'm clever and funny. Erm, not that I'm not clever and funny.  

  2. Amy said...

    I thought you'd made it up! It was an homage!  

  3. rilla said...

    Now I feel a lot more secure in my wit. Just in time for my first batch of assignments. Who assigns essays due the second week of the term?  


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