An Odd Thought

As I was driving home (no traffic tsuris today) listening to the radio, I started wondering what everyone else was listening to in their cars. Then I started wondering what it would be like to be able to feel or even see RF signals. Because at work, I have an RF tag to get into and out of the parking lot, and another one for the office. I have a wireless network at home and work. There are a lot of radio stations here (I have a hard time finding a blank FM station for my iTrip when I travel more than a couple of km). Almost everyone has a cell phone. Almost everyone has garage door openers.

Imagine feeling or seeing all that. Weird.

Ah well. Off to paint minis at my home away from home.

(oh, apropos of nothing, check this out. And if you want an antidote for the wholesomeness of that, try this.)



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