Very, very funny

I'm on my way out the door for one last bash at Christmas shopping (this one involves driving up to the HP Pavilion...) but I have to share this:

World of Warcraft movie (a WoW video of a song from Avenue Q, which I rilly rilly rilly want to see. It's a puppet musical. Oh, and I suppose there's an "adult content" warning too).

Addendum: Mission accomplished, Christmas shopping complete. The HP Pavilion task was easy (it's a huge stadium, and parking at a huge stadium is always a breeze if there's no event happening) but I also went to the San Jose State campus. I found a parking space easily enough, but miscalculated the size of the campus and the location of my target. To use a U of S analogy, I parked by the President's house and had to go to Vet Med. And it didn't help that I misread a map* and went by way of Alexander's (relatively speaking).

* So this map was on a pillar. There was a map on each side. Instead of north being up, each map was turned so that the way that you were facing was up. Who the hell does that? So I got 90 degrees off course, and had to ask for directions. Fortunately, an exam had apparently just let out so it was easy to find a student happy at being asked a simple and straightforward question.


  1. Paul said...

    I fully sympathise about the map. They do the same thing over here - up is (almost) always the direction you are facing. To make it more confusing, printed maps for many places have no scale whatsoever, and only show the important streets (half the time with no name), so it's often impossible to know how far from the train station something is. Oh, you're driving there? MTFBWY.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    There will be some kind of bash at the Fox and Hounds compromising past and present IRD-types (mostly past, heh, heh) to celebrate Mike Haug's return, albeit short-term, to the land of the Yahoos. Thursday 5 PM.

    p.s. Sorry to all internet-types for the personals but I had no other way...



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