Wow, does the season ever creep up on you when the weather doesn't appreciably change. I wonder if I'll ever adjust to giant inflatable Santas gaily peering through lush foliage.

One freakin' week before we return to the Great White North. ** Guess I'd better start getting my ducks in a row for gifts. Metaphorically. Unless anyone really wants a duck as a gift, but they'd have to really really want one 'cause I expect that'd be tricky going through customs ("Your infant is quacking, ma'am...").

We were just at a Festive Holiday Cookie Baking Afternoon thingy hosted by a co-worker of R:tAG's. People here have never heard of Nanaimo bars *** or butter tarts, so it's easy to be all exotic and impressive by producing them. Funniest moment of the afternoon; a toddler mistaking a Gaeta (black, wrinkled, very pungent) olive for a raisin. His face was priceless, and he actually did the whole wiping-the-tongue thing.

Some more random links:

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** Someone I met recently said his wife was from the Great White North; he meant Indiana. The hell?

*** I've lost my old Nanaimo bar recipie, so I Googled for one. The first few hits concerned nightlife in the BC city. Not quite what I wanted.


  1. neuba said...

    Counting down the days....7 days.

    I think I am more excited than when we came to visit in the summer.

    Yipee! Wahoo!!  


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