OK, those of you who use Blogger... I still can't upload images. It goes through the whole megillah then ends up with a very useful error message that says "image not uploaded." This happens with Firefox and IE, and with .JPG, .PNG, .TIF files of all sorts (including ones I didn't create), and with both computers we have in the house (they do use the same router, though). I can however, "upload" (sideload?) images that are already on the Web, i.e. that have a URL.

My Javascript console says Error: compareForm is not defined, source file if that helps. Any ideas?

The truly odd thing is that R:tAG can log into Blogger and do THE EXACT SAME THING and get a picture uploaded. We haven't changed browsers, WinXP login sessions, nothin'. However, I made a bran'-new Blogger account, and wasn't able to upload pictures on it either.

Blogger hates me. Everyone hates me. I'm gonna go into the garden and eat worms.


  1. Tomas said...

    the whole "megillah"? Is THAT how you spell it? hmm.

    I learned something today.



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