Before I forget

... I just heard a radio ad that really made me realize that I'm in California. To paraphrase:

Dad: "Son, we need to talk."
Son: "Uh, what?"
Dad: "Your mother opened your closet to hang up some shirts and we found what you're growing in there. We're very disappointed in you."
Son: "Uh, I can explain!"
Dad: "I mean, yellow leaves, wilting stems... you're using such a poor lighting system! How could you expect to grow anything good like that? We thought you knew better!"
Announcer: "Come to X garden and hydroponic supplies..."


I just got my hair cut. I was aiming for Stephanie Leonidas and I think I ended up with Laura Bush. Sigh. Ah well, hair grows.


  1. neuba said...

    Take a picture and post it...I really want to see what the *new do* looks like.  

  2. Carl Norum said...

    I thought it was great. The haircut I mean.  

  3. Terry said...


  4. Amy said...

    TTIWWP? Thought that is what was predicted? The trampoline inside was way perfect? Talk to imaginary wallabies who prance?  

  5. Amy said...

    OK,I just looked it up ("this thread is worthless without pictures," for those of you old-fashioned people who still communicate with "words" and "clarity." :)

    Whaddya mean, no pictures? There was Ms. Leonidas and Ms. Bush! What more do you want?  

  6. Terry said...

    First of all... My apologies for assuming you were familiar with the term. It's just blogging shorthand. For future reference, I may use such terms as:

    LOL = Laughing out loud
    IMHO = In my humble opinion
    IANAL = I am not a lawyer (stop giggling, dammit! That is what it means!)

    Although I was quite amused by your interpretation. :)

    Now, the first thing I thought when I saw the pictures of Leonidas & Bush was that if you wanted the former and got the latter... Well, the Stephanie cut looks like it's less hair with more layers. So your comment that it will grow out seems confusing as the solution seems it should be to turn around and go get more cut.

    But until we can see the results of the haircut for ourselves and make the Leonidas - Bush comparison... TTIWWP!  

  7. Amy said...

    Yes, I'm familiar with all of the acronyms you just listed. I've been using these computer machines since there was only Usenet, so I've even used them myself. I've even used ROFLMAOPMPSC (though of course that was a fib since I don't have a cat). But I've never used or seen TTIWWP.  

  8. terry said...

    I know you know what lol is... I'm being my usual facetious self. I was mostly shocked that you didn't know TTIWWP was, so I was being silly.

    FWIW (aaah, another one) I have now seen the haircut and I'm not seeing any Laura Bush. :) Looks good.  

  9. Amy said...

    Forgot to answer this...

    "So your comment that it will grow out seems confusing as the solution seems it should be to turn around and go get more cut."

    On the Leonidas haircut, the hair at the back is longest next to the neck and gets shorter as you go outwards. On my haircut, the hair is shortest next to the neck and gets longer as you go outwards. This is pretty much my fault, though, as I told the stylist that I hated when my hair flipped up at the ends. So she cut it in the standard way to prevent that.  

  10. R:tAG said...

    I didn't know what TTIWWP meant either. Guess I don't read enough blogs. Or want to if I have to learn a whole new set of acronyms! :-)  


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