So here're some pictures. I had to get R:tAG to log in as me and upload them in order to get this to work. Same browser running in the same XP login, but when I type, it doesn't work. When he types, it does. I am not a superstitious person, but this is putting me on a path that will end in waving a dead chicken at the monitor during the dark of the moon.

Anyway, this is the punkin. Note the greenery in the background. It was a serious culture shock to see kids in costumes that don't have a parka and a toque as integral components.

This, as threatened, is almost all the knitting I've done since I moved here (mid-March) Not shown: a pair of child's kilt hose, a lace shawl, a felted purse, a 6' scarf and a couple of dishcloths (all gone for gifts to various folks).

- Three stuffed animals (bear, elephant and squid)
- Two baby hats
- One baby sweater
- One baby blanket
- One pair felted slippers
- Two pairs of socks
- Three scarves (two rectangular, one triangular)
- Seven longsleeved sweaters, most with cables. I like cables. And yes, it gets cold enough here.
- Two tank tops
- One odd felted box (center bottom) as a semi-successful experiment
- Three Jayne-Cobb style hats (all in one night - they go quick)
- Half of a lace tablecloth (the white thing at the upper right that looks like a jumbo-size clot of ramen)

Any questions or requests for details will be cheerfully answered and/or supplied. Knitting makes me happy. But you'll have to wait until R:tAG is home to see pictures, apparently.


  1. rilla said...

    Oooh Oooh! Speaking of Jayne Cobb style toques. I bought a really nice one in Vancouver... it was my only souvenir from our trip there, and now that it's finally snowed, it's cold enough to wear whenever I want. It's white and brown.

    If I had known that they were a breeze to make, I probably shoulda done it myself. Don't suppose you want to point me in the direction of a pattern?  

  2. Amy said...

    They're nice... the earflaps are especially cozy.

    My pattern follows. I'll give the colours for the Jayne hat, you can of course use what colours you like. This makes a regular adult hat that fits both Randy and me (so 22"-24" at least... knitting is stretchy!)

    - 6 mm doublepointed needles
    - 100 g of a bulky wool. I used Cascade Pastaza. Three balls (yellow, orange and rust) of it will make 3 3-colour hats. You can use pretty much anything that you'd use a 6 mm needle with.

    CO 64 with orange LOOSELY, join, work 3 rounds K1 P1 rib. Then work rounds in stocking stitch (K every round) until it measures 3.5" from the beginning. Change to yellow, work another 3.5" st st.
    K2tog around (32 sts)
    K 1 round
    K2tog around (16 sts)
    K 1 round
    K2tog around (8 sts). Break wool, run through sts, draw tight.

    Starting at the cast-on tail and using rust, pick up 20 sts. Pick up one stitch for every cast on stitch. Work 20 rows st st back and forth (alternate K and P rows, making sure the K rows are on the outside). Then K2tog at each end of every row until 2 sts are left, K2tog, cast off. Leave a long (6"-ish?) tail.

    Make another earflap, starting 10 stitches along the hat cast-on edge from the first one. This puts a 10 stitch space at the back and a 14 stitch space at the front, which fits better.

    Make a pompon using all 3 colours but a little of yellow, more of orange and mostly rust.

    Take a 12" length of rust and thread it through the tip of an earflap until the halfway point. You have 3 even lengths at the tip of the flap now. You can braid them, leave them loose, or ignore this step, but it's nice to have something to tie the earflaps down with. Otherwise they curl up, which is part of the Jayne hat design. If you wanted non-curling earflaps, work them in garter stitch (K every row) or something like that.

    Takes longer to type the instructions than it does to make one! :)  

  3. neuba said...

    I wish I was as committed to knitting as you were Amy.

    However, I am pretty proud of myself lately, as I finally figured out how to use my 4 double pointed needles, and started knitting socks.

    I think I have owned the needles for over 2 years, and decided to make another attempt at the socks after many failed attempts.

    Perhaps it was just a fluke that it worked. Ah well, I will let you know how they turn out.  

  4. Anonymous said...

    I think it's funny that a posting starting with the title "Everything I touch I destroy" goes on to demonstrate that you've created about 7 times as much stuff as any two of us put together.


  5. Amy said...

    Hee! I didn't even think of that. Actually, I never did fully explain the title of the post. At first, Randy could post a picture and I couldn't. Then, when I logged as him, "he" couldn't. Then IE crashed, and a BitTorrent session that we were running lost its connection to the server right after I checked it.

    I hate computers.  

  6. Carl Norum said...


    No, I guess I don't have to say it.  

  7. cenobyte said...

    ...why are you knitting toques with earflaps if you live in a place that doesn't stop being green?  

  8. zreekee said...

    hey Amy I saw 2 of the coolest instruction books in the back of a crochet mag...."knitting on the edge" and "knitting over the edge"

    Like wow!! Would I love to see you do some of that. The 2 things on the covers are amazing.  


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