This was a weekend of the red wine.

Saturday morning, we went with Carl and a friend of his to a local winery for their "cork equity" event, where they have free food and a couple of people playing the accordion (um, accordions, I guess, not like there were multiple people all playing one accordion) and they'll fill up the bottles you bring for $5/750 ml. They sell empty bottles, too, in case you didn't bring your own. So that was neat and we got some bottles of a nice Shiraz/Sangiovese blend.

Then Saturday night we went to Teatro Zinzanni for the City of Villains launch party, which was very nice and featured quite a bit of red wine and (for me, at least) a cocktail called a "Lemon Drop." I would link to a recipe, but none of the ones that come up on Google (at least the first page; did I mention I'm lazy?) seem to match what I had. It featured lots of fresh mint, anyway, and was very tasty. I like mint. I figure that was my vegetable serving for the day. Cryptic bussed everyone to The City and back, so we were all free to indulge. The food was good, and the entertainment was spectacular. There was a piece called "Vertical Tango" where the dancers basically performed a tango up and down a 20' pole. Amazing. And there were twin trapeze artists, and a guy who juggled seven hats, and singing, and a theramin solo, and face painting, and little troll dolls on the spoons, and everything.

And tonight R:tAG and I watched Sideways, and had to pause the movie about 20 minutes in to open a bottle (not f'ing Merlot!) .

This was a nice weekend.


  1. Marko said...

    Totally off topic, but I thought you would especially enjoy this...asuming you haven't already seen it, of course...  

  2. Carl Norum said...

    Good times, good drinks, good weekend. Hope you enjoyed the film.  

  3. Amy said...

    The film was really good, even without the accompanying Shiraz (2003, Rosemont Estate, quite a reasonable table wine. Quaffable, but far from transcendant :)).

    It was a good thing that we were warned about the pacing; it's definitely a low-key, indirect kind of movie. But I liked it a lot. I especially liked Paul Giametti's ability to convey about three separate emotions on different parts of his face.

    Oh, and Marko, thanks for the link. I hadn't seen that strip before, actually, and just spent a couple of hours in the archives. Funny stuff!  


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