Happy Thanksgiving

Well, the ways of different cultures seem strange at first, but it's Thanksgiving here and I have to say it's timed with the weather. The Canadian Thanksgiving date was quite hot, still definitely summer. Now it's cooler, cloudier, and the deciduous trees are actually changing colour.

Don't have time for a really well-thought out post because I'm making Pumpkin Gingerbread for a T-day dinner we've been invited to. To which we've been invited. Whatever. But I just heard a story on NPR that's too good not to share. They were doing a show on T-day cooking disasters, and mentioned a cookbook with a receipe for popcorn-stuffed turkey. The ingredients forgot to specify "4 cups popped popcorn." So all over the nation, apparently, people blithely filled their turkeys with 4 cups of unpopped corn, and roasted them. Well, started to roast them, until the popcorn popped and blew the turkeys apart. They ended up recalling the cookbooks.

And here's my traditional Thanksgiving link, in the spirit of introducing weirdness to every holiday:

The Electric Sheep Thanksgiving Special



  1. Terry said...

    How dare you tell the "popcorn stuffed turkey" story without the verification from Snopes that it's true.


    Yep, it's true. :)

    "One of the more unusual questions handled by Butterball's Turkey Talk-Line (which the company has operated since 1,981) comes from those who have mistaken a well-traveled joke for an actual recipe: They call to ask if they can pop popcorn in the turkey's cavity during the roasting process. (The joke's punch line is: "You know the turkey is done when the popcorn pops and blows the rear off the bird." And no, you can't."  

  2. neuba said...

    popcorn - turkey...2 of my favourite foods. Sounds good!

    I probably would have paid to see a turkey explode from the inside because of too much popcorn in the cavity. Hee Hee!

    As for the cartoon clip - Weird. I don't have anything more to say. :0  

  3. Amy said...

    Yeah, OK, the popcorn turkey story probably isn't true (the Snopes thing isn't quite the same situation). Or it happened so long ago that Googling "cookbook product recall" doesn't show any results. But hey, it's funny, and I had a similar thing really and truly happen to me when I put uncooked rice in stuffed green peppers (that was completely my fault for not reading the reciepe thoroughly, though).  

  4. David Hutton said...

    Then there's the one about the lady who set the oven timer to start cooking the turkey while she was away from the house. Unfortunately, she had set the "self-clean" timer instead...  

  5. Anonymous said...
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