More links

I just keep accumulating these things, so I might as well share them.

Happy Halloween! (somewhat late, but still funny)
Ikea ad (really cool ad. Might take a long time to load, but (I think) worth it. Once the big white title disappears, the ad is interactive. Mouse on it.)
Heinekin ad (Made me laugh and laugh. Mainly because I remember the Slimelight and a couple of hundred hard-core London Goths all dancing their little black hearts out to "Yellow Submarine.")
Kung Fu F*ck You (Naughty word warning, but a most impressive tribute to a classic genre)
The City (It's a model of San Francisco in Jell-o! How cool is that???)
My next car
My next knitting project
Got Medieval (a blog by a medievalist who chronicles "slipshod use of medieval European history in the media and pop culture." One of my new favourites)


  1. Ryan States said...

    Be sure to let your medieval guy know about my blog entry for Thursday. Easily the most slipshod portrait of things medieval yet committed to film.  

  2. Zreekee said...

    those knitted guts rock! Jake would love em (and sleep with em and then die with strangulation--which is why I wouldn't let him sleep with em.)... Anyways- very cool.

    ps stole the kung fu link cause it is SO FUNNY!!  


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