OK, first of all, HAH! I told you it was evil and disgusting!

Second, I don’t understand why this is funny. I’d watch it.

Thirdly, why was I not told about The DM of the Rings?

Fourthly… ah, the hell with the numbering thing. Here are some more cool links.

The Reader’s Manifesto - Cenobyte, read this.

And on a related note (sort of) the 2007 Bulwer-Lytton Contest results

Goth dance instructions

The pinnacle of Lolcats (it gets no better)

Eyeball Pincushions
- I’m going to make a batch of these. Who wants one?

Laid-Back Labour
- Hobbies and economics. Actually interesting.

Oh, and we had an anti-Labour Day weekend because R:tAG had to work for most of it. On the plus side, I finished off three items in my knitting queue, made progress on another, and started two new ones, and since I was alone in the house, was able to commandeer most of the living room floor to block the Mystery Stole.* I keep forgetting how much lace grows when it’s blocked (no pictures of it being worn; I’ve tried and tried to get decent pictures in the only full length mirror in the house but the light is just not right.)

* My room is taken up right now with the construction of a polonaise. It is fiddly but straightforward. I even remembered to use my corseted measurements, which meant that I could use a fabric width of 36" instead of the recommended 45" (barely!), which meant that I didn't feel quite as stupid for accidentally buying 36" fabric (the lesson here is if the price seems really low for a fabric, CHECK ITS WIDTH!).


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