Arrr, shoot a horse and call me Susan!*

It be International Talk Like a Pirate day again, arr, the third one since we turned our sails to westward and sailed away from the Prairies. Damme, can ye fathom it?

It saddens me heart to report that none of the scallywags in me office, curse their black hearts, are celebratin’ today. But when I was havin’ me grog and hardtack at eight bells, I noticed a saucy wench in a striped cap and eyepatch. She was across the galley from me, belike, and I didn’t catch her eye before she weighed anchor.

Me and me hearty R:tAG have been workin’ like galley slaves for the past few weeks, with no shore leave or chance of roisterin’.** It’s a sorry state of things, ta be sure.

And in special honour of the day: What does a pirate with cardiac arrhythmia say? Arrrrrr, me hearty!

* All right, ye dogs, it’s not actual-like a pirate sayin’ but it be damned funny anyway, by th' powers!

** We did manage to see Blood and Chocolate. A pretty tale, but as predictable as Teach needin' a light, arr.



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