Curling is Good Fun

There are not a lot of songs that mention curling. In fact, there seems to be one. Okay, two.

Our weekend was notable for us finally making an effort and taking advantage of the rich milieu in which we now live. Of course, one can only take so much culcher at once, so we went up to Berkeley to see a comic re-telling of Citizen Kane, where Kane is possessed by a demon sled that gives him the power to create zombie minions, and which can only be defeated by the touch of a holy curling rock. The play is Aah! Rosebud! and except for the length (two acts) it would be right at home in any Canadian Fringe Festival.* Of course, then the play would probably no longer be able to assume that the word “Saskatchewan” is automatically funny, and might have to tone down the comic-relief Canadian character (a Bob-n-Doug Mackenzie type).** Or maybe not; self-depreciation goes down pretty well in Canada.

We’ve been watching Season One of Heroes thanks to Netflix, and it’s pretty good. We also have The Devil Wears Prada, but R:tAG is less keen to see it since he found out it’s not actually called “The Devil Wears Pravda.” I don’t know what he thought it was about, but I guess that’s why I was able to get it with no objections from him. And it’s too late now!

[EDIT AFTER WATCHING THE SHOW - OK, who else has seen this? Did anyone else get the take-home message that women shouldn't have careers? This movie actually made me pretty angry, and not for the reasons that I was expecting.]

Other than that, we have been leading extremely dull lives. I am still working on my outfit for the Victorian Cemetery Walk, but slowly because taffeta is a slippery bitch goddess. I am still knitting, of course, but Ravelry is sparing you all that (though I still will probably inflict pictures of finished projects upon you, once I have some. Ravelry is really great for organizing one’s work-in-progress queue, one’s I-have-everything-I-need-except-time queue and one’s someday-somehow queue. And you can look at everyone else’s queues also!***).

And you know, a few carrots in the form of comments help keep the donkey going.

* I just realized that that could be taken wrong. I mean it in a positive way.

** Who did have what (to me) was the funniest line in the play, the other characters were commenting on how odd it is for a sled to have a name and the Canadian says “That’s not strange at all, eh. I had a hockey stick named Cooper!”

*** My Ravelry user name is “sputnik,” for anyone else who drinks the Kool-Aid.


  1. Suz said...

    Speaking on knitting, do you actually have a pattern for the sock heels you do from the top down - the ones that seem to fit best. My mom and I tried to find a good book on them and couldn't. We thought we found a good one, but the majority of the socks were sewn up the back. Anyway, I told her I'd ask you.

    Oh, and you should definitely add to your queue that sweater you linked to several posts ago. It's really awesome.  

  2. cenobyte said...

    ...and not "a demon salad", which would have made the play *even funnier*.

    I don't know why you thought that line was funny, though. I have a hockey stick named Cooper, too.  

  3. rilla said...

    The Devil Wears Prada is an ass of a movie. Bne and I watched it a few months ago, and we were both going, "wtf?" by the end. By all accounts the book is supposedly better, and the imagery that is supposed to demonstrate that women work hard to look good in a business world, just comes across as flighty and completely self-centered in the movie. There's a serious batch of mixed messages concerning taking pride in yourself and putting others down.

    Two thumbs down plus a flip of the bird from me. I really didn't like it.  

  4. Anonymous said...

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