Six years ago. There’s been some foomphetting* about how memorials are getting ignored, commemorative events are getting smaller, but isn’t that natural?

Still no rain here; the leaves are brown because they are dry and dead. There are two fairly major fires going on in the area; and the air has been very hazy. It makes for some pretty images, though (I know, that last one is a few years old. Still a neat picture.) And yet I still see people on the highway throwing lit cigarette butts out their windows. People are stupid.

In day to day news, our Xbox 360 has succumbed to the disease of its kind, but we hope that fixing it will be painless. Microsoft will send us a shipping box to return the original unit, then just give us a new one. The really bad thing is that this happened in the middle of playing BioShock, which is the first game since American McGee’s Alice that I’ve wanted to watch all the way through.** Grrr. At least we have the hard drive.

In the “Movies That I’ve Never Even Heard Of But Can’t Imagine Why I Haven’t Department” (MTINEHOBCIWIHD), I present to you Perfect Creature. It’s a New Zealand movie, which probably explains it, but check it out. It’s essentially steampunk vampires and the female lead is strong,*** resourceful, and wears beautiful handknit stuff. It’s like they know me.

* This probably isn’t a real word. Is there a real word meaning “To talk like Sam the Eagle on the Muppet Show”?

** And I help with the mini-games! I’m a good helper!

*** And I mean strong, not the typical Hollywood “plays hard to get and/or makes stupid decisions just to be “independent” but ends up just standing around on the sidelines or being rescued while some man actually does everything” definition.


  1. Paul said...

    I would be happy to send our excess rain over. Between last weeks rain, last thursday's typhoon, yesterday's rain, todays, and what's coming for the rest of the week I'm feeling rather waterlogged. Ok, so the 'mountains' are nice and green but you can't see them through the mist.  

  2. Terry said...

    Bioshock - I'm playing it now myself. What an atmosphere. Not a bad story either.

    I notice your vampire movie stars Dougray Scott. Of course, he's the guy who thought passing on the role of Wolverine in order to be the bad guy in a Tom Cruise movie (Mission: Impossible II) So it's nice to see he's still working. ;)  


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