I’ve been busy at work and sort of down-ish… I think English needs to borrow a few words to describe moods. Weltschmerz? Anomie? Hulihudu? Dukkha?

Then, of course, Cat and Girl came to my rescue and cheered me right up. There’s some really deep truth there, I think.

I’ve been meaning to take pictures of stuff, but I’ve been getting home after dark, and last weekend R:tAG took the camera to PAX* . I especially wanted to take pictures for Ravelry, which is a social networking site for knitters that might divert knitting content from this blog. Probably not, though.

I’m pretty antisocial, as it turns out,** so Ravelry for me is more of an on-line project diary and occasional resource to answer the question “What does Garment X look like on a real person under real circumstances?” instead of a way to meet people and/or talk on forums.

I finished the Mystery Stole a while ago, by the way, but wanted to take pre- and post-blocking pictures. I am also wibbling over whether or not to add this to my large line-up of projects-to-make. I love it a lot, but I have a ridiculous number of things in the queue.

At next year’s GenCon, I hope, R:tAG will be releasing his game. So I’m planning my costume already (he might get one too). I just got my pattern in the mail, and coincidentally got a 40% off coupon from Joann’s,*** and also found additional incentive to finish really early by finding out about a Victorian cemetery walking tour coming up soon. Since we didn’t end up going to the Revolutionary Picnic, I’m going to try for this one. R:tAG might end up in something rented, though.

I’m not sure that the dress that I’m picturing, being more on the mourning/undead end of the spectrum, will be suitable for the Christmas Dickens Fair. Perhaps I could do something in dark red or purple or gray or green, which would be more versatile than the black that was in my head. Hmm. Maybe not dark red, though, as all the pictures from the long red steampunk coat show what that does to my colouring. Mind you, I was pretty warm.

I am also excited about possibly designing an Empire of Bone-themed knit lace shawl. There’re patterns out there for lace skulls, and bats, and generally gothic patterns so it should work. OK, dress first, shawl second.

* I didn’t go, but I probably should have. I can take or leave PAX itself, but the hotel at which R:tAG was staying was right next to Pike Place Market, and I could happily have spent a weekend there. Ah well, probably better for the budget that I didn’t go. R:tAG did bring me back about half a pound of smoked salmon. Yum!

** I know y’all are gasping in amazement, but it’s true!

*** Not the nicest fabric store (they have no woolen fabrics, for example, and are heavy on the quilting cottons and sparkly novelty stuff) but for my first attempt I think I want something fairly cheap and plain anyway.


  1. Smarty Pants said...


  2. cenobyte said...

    So...yeahhh...I've had a mind full of bustles for the last two weeks myself. I'm not sure if I'm going to go with a whole new pattern or just make a shirtwaist and jacket to go with the skirt I already have (and petticoats and a chemise, of course, and probably bloomers, just cause bloomers are really fun).

    Have you thought about hats and bonnets? Because I've thought about hats and bonnets, and the things I've been thinking about them make me say "aaaaaaaahhhhhh...." and other long, drawn-out vowelly sounds.

    I've been feeling rather schlumpy myself lately, and part of it I think is realising just how much I miss *you guys*, and hanging around with a bunch of gamers to whom I don't have to explain myself, nor snipe that 'yes, I *AM* going to wear the dice bag tied around my waist to the mall, because it's where I carry all my shit'. Remember how I said that would happen? Right. Yeah. So, the mopey, low-energy, post awesome-time with my best friends kind of tips the ol' karmic see-saw back over to "you should have moved your feet out from under before the fat kid jumped off".  

  3. Allan S said...

    You mean the game he started so long ago? Send him my congratulation and to you as well. I am sure you have been a huge help and a great sounding board for him. I wish I could still be around to help out with that stuff.  


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