Well, nothing like a last minute decision. Last year we were going to go to GenCon, then decided not to, then decided to. This year, we decided to, then not, then to, then not, and now, since cheap airfares and an excellent hotel room have once again fallen into our laps, we've decided to. And it's next weekend. At this rate, next year we'll decide to go the night before. I guess certain friends have really inspired us with the whole spontaneous trip thing. Monkey! Go!

Just buying generic tickets and whining our way into events seemed to work out pretty well last year, and honestly it ended up being more about the socializing anyway, so I'm looking forwards to it. I'm not sure I'll be able to manage a prize-winning costume this year, though, as I am short of both inspiration and time.

On a completely different (and more annoying to me) topic, check out the new "Plus Size" clothing option in the Yahoo Avatar. I'm using it there to the right. Plus Size. Yeah, right. How about "human size"? And it's such a limited choice of clothes! I'm hoping that if the Yahoo folks see enough usage of this option, they'll increase the alternatives (or add an independant control for body size) so I encourage all y'all Yahoo Avatar users to use it.

And on yet another different topic, I've been considering using public transit to get to work, since I found this very cool utility that's like MapQuest but that tells you what buses/trains/etc. to take to get from A to B in the Bay area. Marvelous thing... you can set it to give the quickest route, the cheapest route, the route with the least walking... very very cool. Unhappily, the quickest route is 1 hour and 20 minutes for me. Cost-wise, I think that would be $99.50/month since that route involves taking CalTrain... the all-bus route would take 1 hour 40 minutes and be $61.25/month.

It takes me about half an hour to drive to work on the average, and I fill up about every ten days... about $100/month at the current prices. There's wear and tear on the car and I suppose the possibility of getting into an accident.* But, of course, I have the luxury of following no-one's schedule but my own.

I suppose I should pay the day fare and try it out one day. With a trip that long I'm worried about getting sick.** But just think of the moral high ground I'd achieve! And if I could knit without getting ill... hmmmm...

What do you, the viewers at home, think?

* I'm not counting the licensing and insurance costs; since I'm not giving up my car completely, those are a constant.

** I don't get sick when I'm the driver. It all has to do with synchronizing action and reaction, I guess.


  1. cenobyte said...

    It's not just on Yahoo! Avatars that it's difficult to find human size clothing.

    At the goth clothing store in downtown Regina, I walk in every month and ask the nice lady if she has any fat-lady goth clothes. She doesn't. She never will.

    Even the clothes at Value Village don't fit me. And it's not like I weigh more than my car tires, either.  

  2. Bne said...

    Can your car tires get clothes at Value Village?  

  3. neuba said...

    Public transit sounds like a good idea to me. After spending a month in Oxford and only being able to use public transit, I realized how much more efficient it is.

    Yes, you will be dependent on the bus schedule but it will be fairly consistent from day to day and you will be able to do your part and reduce the amount of pollution in the air.

    Plus, with the gas prices being so high, it doesn't seem right to give the gas companies money. Although I live in little 'o' Sask., I try to walk or bike wherever I can.

    The finally bonus is: imagine all the knitting you could get done, or perhaps, even get some reading done. So many people find it a burden to use public transit rather than enjoy the time as a relaxation outlet.  

  4. Amy said...

    Cenobyte: I can't typically find anything at thrift stores either; it seems that the clothes that survive to the thrift-store stage of the fashion life cycle are odd sizes (typically for very short and/or skinny people). Popular/normal sizes get worn out, I guess.

    Neuba: On really hot days here they declare a "Spare the Air" day, where all forms of public transit are free. I'm kicking myself for not taking advantage of the last one, but it was too hot to think properly.

    Unhappily, I can't read on a moving vehicle or I get really really ill. Knitting is sometimes all right, if it's a simple thing that I don't have to focus on.

    It's the thought of not getting home until 8 pm every night that sort of depresses me.  

  5. Terry said...

    First reaction: *Jealousy*

    Second reaction: *Sour grapes* "There's no way you'll have as much fun as you had with Jen and I last year!

    Third reaction: *Acceptance* Ahh, you lucky kids. Go, have a good time. Bring back pictures and stories!

    As far as weight... I'm fighting both the unhealthy body type suggested by Hollywood ("Dear god, eat something!") vs. the unhealthy body type that is becoming the standard. (Had a fellow visit here from Toronto and his first comment was "I've never seen so many fat people" as we walked through the mall... )

    Where are all the in-between people?  

  6. Carl Norum said...

    transit.511.org has been around for a long time... I didn't know you were missing out!  

  7. Drang said...

    It sucks not to be able to read on the bus. I actually find that my productivity increases when I bus, 'cause I get a lot of reading that I've been putting off done in that time. That, and I don't particularly love driving at all.  

  8. Zreekee-Anita said...


    These would make AWESOME toques!!!!!! And very cool barbieque costumes I suppose. And if you could do kid sizes??? Awesome dress-up things!!!

    Anyways, they make me excited.

    How are you??? Hope you 2 are good!  

  9. cenobyte said...

    Oh. Also, not everyone with avatars can access all the 'stuff'. There are regional 'blocks' on some things. So I, f'rinstance, don't have a 'normal sized people' option. I also don't have the majority of the really cool stuff if I log in on a different yahoo account located in Canada. Brilliant, isn't it?

    I can read anywhere, anytime, anyhow. But I've never been to GenCon. Maybe for our honeymoon. Someday.  

  10. Amy said...

    Hm. Neuba and Rilla seem to be able to access the "plus size" stuff. How odd.  


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