Land of Confusion

I need to work on my snap decision making. Even having a week's notice for something, which is really not very snappy at all, doesn't seem to be enough for my poor spongy brain. We're going to GenCon tomorrow! The dishes aren't done! I'm not packed! I haven't even looked at the events list to know what I should pack! I can't even look at the events because the website's been disabled! The toilet is leaking and the landlord's out of town!* I don't have any airplane-compatible knitting! I can't decide whether to go to dance class tonight or not!


ADDENDUM: It's 9:30 PM, and I decided to go to dance class. I found out that I keep a surprising amount of my stress in my hips. I always thought I was more of a lat person in that respect. But my shimmies looked like a Devo imitation, and the Pigeon Pose during the end-of-class cooldowns was a special flavour of hell.

So now I'm more relaxed, but dog-tired. Aaaaaaa.... enh.

* He's back and informed now, and should be surveying the damage this afternoon.


  1. airfare to las vegas said...
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  2. cenobyte said...

    Thanks for that, airfare to las vegas. How can I sign up?

    And in other news, I keep getting told I can't take my knitting on the plane. Not bamboo needles, not socks, not nothin'. How do you get away with it?  

  3. Drang said...

    I missed the "...special flavour of hell." comment the first time I read this entry.

    Aside from enjoying the Canadian spelling, I'm imagining a ice-cream-parlour style shop with a horned devil wearing a little hat and a stripey shirt handing me a cone with two scoops of burning brimstone and asking if I want phosphorous sprinkles on that.

    Brimstone with phopsporous sprinkles. That'd be a special flavour.  

  4. Amy said...

    Cenobyte: I've practiced a "don't ask, don't tell" approach as far as the knitting, and I've never been told that I can't take it. This is with bamboo needles, of course. If you ask, a specific peon about knitting, they will always say no because they don't want to be the one who let the Infamous DPN Terrorist of Ought-Six on the plane. Never force a peon to make a judgement call if you can avoid it.

    Have you actually had knitting taken away from you? I knit constantly, within full view of the security people, the airline people, and the nice national guardsmen with large guns what are supposed to make me feel safer but actually, me not being American in any way except technically, have a decidedly opposite effect. No one's commented except to ask what I'm making.

    Drang: The "special flavour of hell" comment was added later, so you're not crazy. Not because of that, anyway. ;)  

  5. cenobyte said...

    I have had knitting taken away from me. Or rather, taken away from my carry-on bag. They were kind enough to leave the yarn. Stupid bamboo needles.

    And I don't have a porblem with the pigeon pose, but then again, I have *very* flexible hips.

    I would never have phosphorous sprinkles on my burning brimstone cone. Phosphorous isn't good for you. I think I would ask for maybe some hot lava chunks.  


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