The Peripatetic Enthymeme has returned to his travels, alas, but he sent a few pictures that he took. This one I really really like (despite forgetting to suck my gut in for the camera, and having serious sunhat-hair).

This was (as you probably noodled out for yourselves, you clever little creatures) at the Rosicrucian Egyptian museum. In addition to the standard indoor museum-y stuff, they have a full reproduction of Ancient Egyptian temple grounds, with a lotus-and-fish pond, vegetable gardens, and this unexplained little structure (it wasn't the main temple; that was a different building). Maybe the Egyptians went in for really elaborate sheds.* The heat on that day was like actual pressure against your skin, so we had the area pretty much to ourselves and explored it by scuttling from shady patch to shady patch like lizards.

The heat wave has broken, thank goodness, so we're eating and sleeping and being civil once again, and the ants have gone on their mysterious ant way.

A few interesting links:

A sanity-destroying picture - I warned you
Stupid comics - not everything old is classic
Brilliant theory! - I like Scott Adams' blog! Thanks, neuba!

* How long can it take to build a shed, anyway?


  1. neuba said...

    That picture is great.

    Miss you guys!  

  2. Bne said...

    All damn day, that´s how long it takes to build a shed.

    Miss you  

  3. Drang said...

    Two years for my dad for a playhouse for my little sister... a playhouse is kinda like shed, isn't it?

    He was worried that she'd be too big to enjoy it by the time it was done.  

  4. Anonymous said...
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