So, still no pictures of anything, but this time I have an excuse. Well, more of an explanation. R:tAG's computer was apparently fried by a brownout a few days ago (and this is in spite of being connected to a UPS... grrrr) so uploading pictures is way more of a pain because we're using our agonizingly slow auxiliary backup emergency computer. Plus, at the moment, R:tAG has the camera.

Anyway, I just saw Bne and Rilla safely off to the airport after their week here. It was really, really, really nice to see them both again, and our subsequent visitors should not worry about us being burnt out on guests because we really miss all y'all. Burnt out on driving, maybe (it's always a bit of a shock to realize how much time one has to spend in a car here). But as I was thinking on the drive home, there is still a lot that we actually didn't even get to with Bne and Rilla, and what we did do, I wouldn't mind doing again. Well, except for seeing Batman Begins. It's a fine movie, but three times in as many weeks would be a bit much. But we also saw the Serenity trailer, which looks so great that I'm bouncing up and down slightly just thinking about it. I'm such a raving fangirl, it's embarassing.

So now the house is quiet... too, too quiet. Quieter than it's been since Friday night, when everyone was away playtesting CoV. A different sort of quiet than three people sitting together reading (which was every morning that wasn't spent in a car getting somewhere... >>happy sigh<<) I suppose I'll just be getting used to it again by the time our next guests arrive. This is the kind of problem I don't mind having.


  1. neuba said...

    Well you don't have a lot of time to get used to the quiet - we arrive in just a few days. I am almost bouncing off the walls just thinking about the trip. I was even investigating the cost into extending our trip. We are not even there yet, and it seems too short already.

    And yes, the Serenity preview looks mighty cool.

    Spoke with Randy about a month ago regarding a visit to Alcatraz, hope we can still plan for that.

    That is really the only touristy thing I really want to do. Mostly just looking forward to seeing you guys and visiting.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Somehow, you describing yourself as a raving fangirl is just disturbing to me. ;)


  3. Suz said...

    I guess they'll have to do Alcatraz twice because that's the only thing we can agree on so far that we both want to do.

    My co-worker just joined into my gleeful "EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." at the thought that in one week, we'll be driving to Calgary to get on a plane to San Francisco. Wahoo!!

    Thanks for making me feel better about being last. Sometimes, I just want to be special. And not in that Olympic sort of way.

    I have a Serenity background on my puter which Alan growled at when he first saw it because it also shows the date September 30. It's the little things that get me through the day. [grin]


  4. Suz said...

    Did you cut your hair?  

  5. Anonymous said...

    Your UPS has to be of a specific type to handle brown-outs... Sorry for the woes. Good Luck. :-)  

  6. neuba said...

    Well, we were contemplating stay a little longer than intended. Perhaps if we decide to we can all go to Alcatraz together.  

  7. Amy said...

    Neuba: You might want to look at booking Alcatraz tickets online right now. According to the web sites, they fill up quickly and they recommend 2 weeks advance. Of course, that's what I'd say if I were selling tickets too. :)

    W: Well, be disturbed. :) Serenity is one of the few things to make me go "Squeee!" in public.

    Anonymous: Yes, I know, and our UPS ought to have been able to handle it. The trouble might have been that it was a bit overloaded >>blush<< Happy news, though, it seemed to be just the power supply that got toasted, so the computer's back tonight. And I've rearranged the UPS load so it shouldn't happen again (touch wood... heh. I said touch. :))

    Suz: Someone else did. :)

    Neuba (again): It'd be great if you could stay longer! Of course, it'll look like a LARP weekend at our house, sleeping bodies everywhere, but if you're happy with that, we are too. :) We're kicking y'all out on the 16th so we can go to GenCon, though, so keep that in mind (or come to GenCon with us! :))  

  8. neuba said...

    Looks like it is going to be about 300 dollars to try and stay for a few extra days, so I think we are gonna pass (money issues). Though it sure would have been great to stay longer.

    As for Alcatraz, I was hesitant to book online cuz I thought we could try and go together, but if that isn't feasible I guess it would be a good idea.  

  9. Amy said...

    Well, we can still go together; just tell me when you booked for and I'll book a ticket too. R:tAG probably won't be able to come (he's really really busy at work right now and likely can't take time off).  

  10. Terry said...

    "Serenity is one of the few things to make me go "Squeee!" in public"

    About time you got turned on to the wonder that is Joss Whedon. When I remember all the times I urged you to watch Buffy or Angel... "Trust me," I said, "You will love this guys writing, imagination and style." I'm glad you finally got onboard. Better late than never. :)  

  11. neuba said...

    We haven't booked anything yet, though I looked and there are numerous times on Tuesday and Wednesday. I will let you know what we decide.

    That is too bad that Randy won't be able to join us. Working long days I suppose. Wouldn't even be able to join us for a later tour in the day??  


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