Deep breath

OK. Last set of vistors waved-farewell-to (and there may also have been hugging), last bit of cleaning ready to start, last clothing bit packed (opening my suitcase is like looking into the Abyss, but black is so versatile!) and off to GenCon. With a brand new sinus cold. Yuck.

In retrospect, of course, going off to spend four days with 40,000 people (most of notoriously questionable social skills) is probably not the best way to cap off three weeks of houseguests and sightseeing. I'm starting to resemble a rabbit in a petting zoo at 5:30 PM. I hope that something will snap and I'll just pass through all the stress and anxiety into a calm floating pool of Zen acceptance. Or sociopathy. Either-or.


  1. Suz said...

    Good to know that I was reading those signals right. Next year, we'll have to coordinate better to give you some peace in between each visit. It was really, really great to see you two. That was the best part of the trip. Poking logic circuits and "I'm in California" buttons and all.  

  2. Anita said...

    So lucky, if any FarScape people are there say hi for me!! *crazy fanatic grin*

    Hope things are going good for you guys, the ant thing sounds creepy tho :P  


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