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Does that make me a bad person?

Two days until our next deluge of visitors, and I am still full of warm and fuzzy thoughts towards Rilla for doing some major cleaning before she left. I find it difficult to clean my own house, let alone that of another, so such charity astounds me (and I'm kicking myself for not pointing her towards a few other places in the house... and the car is dusty... :))

The City of Villains beta starts soon, and I'm gingerly participating. Not gingerly because I think the game will be anything other than excellent (with R:tAG involved, how could it be?) but because of my tendancy to motion sickness, or, more accurately, simulator sickness. I was also worried because I'm pretty unfamiliar with City of Heroes, but R:tAG assures me that a novice point of view is just as valuable.

Our main computer is back and working, avec new power supply, which is a Good Thing. I hadn't realized how often I looked things up online until I needed to scout around for activities to keep our guests amused (assuming that just basking in our glorious presence isn't enough for these ingrates :)). Train and bus schedules, museum, zoo, and park locations and hours, movie listings, news... none of this is on paper for us.

And a few other links, in no real order or theme...

Tact Filters - it makes so much sense!
Royal Blood - maybe I am a bad person. These are pretty.
The Brothers Grimm - OooOOooooo, Monica Bellucci! >>drool<<
MirrorMask - This has been "coming soon" for so long now! Argh!


  1. neuba said...

    If you are bad, then I am bad with you. That clip was awesome.

    Can't wait to get home after work to play test the game. It'll be SO cool. I am sure I have time to squeeze in a little play time and still get ready for tomorrow. :)

    That is cool that you are gonna try it out. Try not to get sick!  

  2. Amy said...

    Well, read the e-mail about when it starts and about how we're not even supposed to mention exactly when it starts, or anything else about it. Or maybe I just take these non-disclosure things to seriously >>shrug<<  

  3. Anonymous said...

    As far as your sim sickness... I get that with 1st person games, but I do not get it at all in 3rd person view, so CoH is fine for me because you can stay in 3rd person view.

    and "Normal people need to understand that despite the fact that nerds are usually tactless, things they say are almost never meant personally and shouldn't be taken that way."

    Should I just get that tattoo'd on my forehead?  

  4. Terry said...

    Heh, I wonder who wrote that Anonymous message?

    (Stupid interface! It wasn't supposed to be anonymous...)  

  5. Amy said...

    Anonymous Terry: I get it even with 3rd person views, though it isn't so bad. What it says in that Salon article about it being a consequence of poor graphics is a dirty dirty lie. A guy from Cryptic advised me on some perspective settings (basically as far away from your avatar as possible) that he said helped him, so I'll give it a shot.

    And yeah, that tact filter article did bring back memories. :)  

  6. neuba said...

    As I was reading the post I thought "hey, aren't we NOT suppose to mention anything."


    Ah well!  

  7. Amy said...

    In my post, I said I was doing it "soon." I think that's vague enough to be allowed to say. :)

    One more sleep! Yay!  

  8. Suz said...

    Tact Filters - what a great thing to have down in writing somewhere. And it makes so much sense.

    Brothers Grimm... [drool] Let me get a bucket...

    I'm excited about MirrorMask too.

    PS - Amy should check her email.  

  9. Anonymous said...


    You mean I have to pay my internal editors to learn TACT now!!??

    Jeez Louise.

    You know what? Screw it. All those *other* people can just buck up and figure out that it's better in the long run to know the truth. Nerds, unite! You'll find that eventually, "everyone else" stops asking you silly things like :
    "Can I ask you a question?" (Never mind the poor grammar);
    "Does this make me look fat?";
    and my personal favourite, "What do you think of this?"

    And how come we nerds usually don't take offense to stuff, and when we do, we eventually figure out that it was only a brief flash of contested ego? How come other people can't figure that out? Is lack of tact somehow tied to intelligence?

    I think I'd like that Marie Antoinette framed in my kitchen.

    - cenobyte  


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