Now that I've slept a lot and my feet don't hurt...

- It was really really great to see Jen and Terry again. I think I didn't make that explicit enough. There are few people who would run around for a day with me dressed as (and acting like) a teddy-bear hunter, as well as get involved in a drive-by Tribal dance routine. And Terry was late, and disorganized, and doing things spontaneously, and spending more money than he planned, so it was worth the price of admission just to see that. :)

- It was also really really great to meet some of R:tAG's Pinnacle colleagues. I was amazed at how quickly and effortlessly it seemed like I'd known them all (and liked them!) for a long time. Great folk.

- On two separate occasions, I had a conversation that started with "Where are you from?" and ended with "Saskatoon??!!!??? Me too!" One was understandable, since I'd never met the guy (he moved in June) but the other was someone I had actually met a few times. My defense is that at GenCon you're constantly seeing people who look familiar. It's like there's about 10 "Gamer" prototypes that everyone's just variations of.

- You can't pay too much money for a good pair of shoes.

- I will avoid flying Frontier until they change their policy of serving Doritos on board. The trip back was pure hell.

- Layne has ruined my ability (slender as it was) to do a German/Eurotrash accent. All I kept hearing in my head was "But it is so wonderful to be naked and free!" and stifling giggles. Damn your eyes, Layne!

- I talked with Ron Glass! Squeeeeee!


  1. Suz said...

    Heh. I thought of you when I read this... "In the very narrow world of rabid fanboys, Joss Whedon's name gets uttered with the same reverence as Bruce Campbell (of the "Evil Dead" movies)."

    You and Jen look fabulous! I'm so glad the costume worked out so well.  

  2. rilla said...

    Did you happen to get a picture of yourself with the shepherd? 'cause that would be really sweet. If not, what are the details of the conversation? Other rabid fangrrrls want to know!  

  3. Amy said...

    No, no pictures (I was too excited!) I think I babbled something about how much I liked Firefly (of course), how excited I was about Serenity (of course) and how I'd probably considered a celebrity in Saskatoon just because I'd talked to him.

    I think Randy and Terry were a bit weirded out by how gushy I got. But c'mon, Ron Glass!  

  4. Amy said...

    Oh, here're some really really good pictures of GenCon in general. The link is to the bit that features us in the costume contest :)

    A few back is the woman with the wings. Way impressive!  

  5. Terry said...

    Actually, I was quite weirded out by Amy's fangirlishness... I can't ever remember seeing her gush before. :)

    But Amy didn't mention the best part. I got Mr. Glass to sign the inside of my 'Serenity RPG' game book. (which I had literally bought a few minutes previous) He signed it:

    Stay Shiny!
    Ron Glass

  6. Terry said...

    Whoops! Got cut off.

    He signed it:

    Stay Shiny!
    Ron Glass

  7. Marko said...

    Ron Glass!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!
    That's so cool!
    And it totally does give you celeb status. Heh.
    Your costumes = Awsome.  


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