We're really really looking forwards to our visitors from Saskatoon. This morning, though, we found visitors that we didn't want. The kitchen floor was black with ants. Little teeny-tiny ants, apparently "grease ants" since they seemed to be ignoring the sugar-ant traps that we had around (we'd been invaded before, but not this exuberantly. ExuberANTly. Heh.) Something, apparently in the kitchen garbage, had drawn them in from our backyard, a distance of about 7 meters and through a patio door. I swear the garbage didn't smell that bad.

They were in a neat marching line, about a centimeter wide with a few foraging tributaries, for almost all the distance until they got to the region of the garbage can where they turned into a "freaked-out mess" in the words of a friend of ours who had had the same problem.

So a quick trip to the hardware store (which has an entire aisle of anti-ant products, our first clue that this is not a problem unique to us) produced an orange-peel based spray which, in addition to smelling really quite pleasant (pleasANT. Heh.) kills the little suckers on contact and repels future invasions. and is not so extravagantly (extravagANTly. Heh. OK, I'll stop) toxic as Raid and sprays of that ilk.

I think there's a story in here somewhere. If only Leiningen had had "Orange Guard."


  1. rilla said...

    Rob and I had a similar experience last summer involving watermelon juice.

    A saucer of watermelon juice was sitting beside our sink, waiting to go into the next batch of dishes. I think it sat out for a total of 24-36 hours when we noticed a steady parade of ants crawling in through a window, down a wall, across the floor, up the cupboards, onto the counter and drowning in the juice. It was truly bizarre.  

  2. Suz said...

    I just read the Knitting Harlot's last entry and nearly peed myself laughing. Especially at the llama, llama, duck reference. Heh.  

  3. Ryan said...

    G and I are also in the midst of an invasion. Thus far nothing has worked. Tiny tiny little sugar ants.

    How can a person of my size be so revolted by little ants that I actually recoil in horror.

    Recoil, I tell you.  


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