Well, I didn't expect to update this thing every day. Every week is perhaps a more achievable goal. When all else fails, lower your standards.

I was all set to do a big "Why Canada is Awesome" post on Friday, what with it being Canada Day and all, but it sort of turned into just slagging the US, which isn't really fair. There're things I disagree with in both gummints, and the fact that my disagreements with the Canadian side are fewer and minorer (it's a perfectly cromulent word) might well just be due to familiarity.

(Though, parenthetically, it's still a shock to hear about what a burden medical expenses are even to insured people here. One mishap can literally ruin a family. And in an environment like that, preventative medicine doesn't have much hope.)

Of course, my equanimity is mostly due to the fact that I FINALLY GOT MY FREAKIN' SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER in the mail about 15 minutes ago. Yay! Of course, this happened just as I bought a big batch of yarn and was looking forward to weeks of knitting. The yarn came from a "Freedom From Taxation" sale; apparently a common feature of the July 4 weekend. We're still trying to get a handle on how holidays work here... there is no such thing as a stat holiday as I know and love them. Smaller stores may be closed, but mostly it's business as usual, 9 to 9 (at least), 7 days a week. It's the land of instant gratification.

Off to do some job scouting...


  1. Jennifer said...


    I sure do miss you....

    I've taken to using phrases that I've heard you say. I hope that somehow you can hear me in Cali (or at least feel a disturbance in the force) and snicker.

    On Saturday night, I hissed "Damn your eyes!" to a member of Honeymoon Suite. I kid you not. Yep, there is an interesting story behind that.

    Now, if I could figure out how to fit "cromulent" into a sentence.  

  2. neuba said...

    kudos on the government FINALLY!!!! getting around to getting you that Social Security #.

    Knowing you Amy, you will still find time to dive into that big bag of yarn.

    Good luck with the job hunt!  

  3. Suz said...

    Congratulations on getting your SSN!!! It's about f******ckin' time.  


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