Another culinary discovery: lasagne made with sliced polenta instead of noodles is a very good idea, and might actually be superior. Thanks, Frugal Gourmet!**

We're about to have an outdoorsy weekend... the mountains on Saturday and the beach on Sunday. As per usual, my initial idea of "snacks or something" is threatening to become a Martha-worthy Event (hmmm. I initially meant Martha Stewart, not R:tAG's mom, but looking at all the food I've assembled I think the phrase works either way). At least I remembered to not use mayonnaise, since it's still stinkin' hot here -- hot enough that I had to move my chocolate chips to the fridge lest they become one uber-chip. Maybe I will use our new cooler after all.

Pictures to follow, if not on my blog then on the other. Have a great weekend!

** Huh. I didn't know he'd gone to the big kitchen in the sky. Rest in peace, Rev. Smith.


  1. Anonymous said...

    *I* still eat uber-chips.

    Although it makes one feel a lot better about one's horrid chocolate addiction to just eat one handful of detached, individual chips rather than nibbling the same amount off of one uber-chip.

    It doesn't surprise me that (on a last-post note) the thrift stores are better there. I'm not sure why it doesn't surprise me, but having worked at the Value Village in Saskatoon for a number of years, I can tell you I still get that twitch when I shop at VV.

    Maybe Saskatchewan folks just don't want to give up their stuff until it's more or less ready for the trash bin.

    I like to give away my stuff if I haven't worn it in over a year because a) it probably doesn't fit anymroe and b) if I haven't worn it in over a year it's because it's lost or I don't love it. And if I don't love it, someone else probably will.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    I'm impressed Amy! You MUST be bored to have written so much for so long. I checked the blog thinking that it would still be the same original posts and lo and behold! I am led by the hand step by entertaining step through the vagaries of your life. Now if only it came with a soundtrack and I had popcorn at work... :->


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