(ETA: I'm talking here about Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - At World's End. I guess that wasn't obvious enough for some people.)

As always, she summarized the points better than I (spoiler warning in the link, I’ll try to avoid spoilers in this post*).

It’s rare that I think a movie is too subtle, but it really felt like a lot was left out. I know that you don’t want to do too many “As you know, your father the King…” type speeches, but no explanation at all just means I’m sitting there going “Wait, what… now she’s… and he has to… but why didn’t they…”** and lots of it just feels like retconning rather than a thoughtful overplot. They foreshadowed a lot of stuff successfully (e.g. Tia Dalma’s locket) which to me just emphasized what they didn’t foreshadow. There were too many places where I was saying “But if that’s the case, then why didn’t someone say something back then?” The whole Calypso thing, a major plot point, is introduced seemingly out of left field.

But I liked the movie and plan on seeing it again many times. A warning for those planning to take children; see it by yourself first. I do not think it’s suitable for sensitive young ‘uns, but watch the first ten minutes and judge for yourself.

I’m also a bit bitter because of what happens to my favourite character. Hmph.

Oh, and apparently there’s a whole explanation for the ending that is nowhere in the actual movie, which makes several things make a bit more sense or at least provides better closure. Be sure and stay for the post-credit bit, and brush up on the legend of the Flying Dutchman.

* But my absolute favourite Cleolinda quote from the above link is: “Taking my mother to see this movie is going to be hellish. 'Where are they? Is that China? Who's Calypso? Why are there so many Jacks? Why would multiple Jacks be hell? Is Will with the bad people now? Why is Will with the bad people? Why doesn't his father remember him? Why is Elizabeth Calypso? Well, why isn't she—' OH MY GOD.”

** Of course, some of that is undoubtedly because we went to see the midnight show and the movie is three freakin’ hours long. My level of intellectual analysis was basically “Oooh, ‘splody boats!”


  1. Bne said...

    So, I'm pretty sure you are talking about the new pirates movie.

    And maybe you're doing a commentary on how confusing the movie is or something.

    But I really don't know for sure without following the link...which contains spoilers...cmon!  

  2. Bne said...

    And yes, I'm aware that your previous post makes it more clear. But then again it also makes it a bit more like movies 2 and 3.

    Without 2, 3 makes no sense.  


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